Monday, March 18, 2024

Epic Results After Someone Adds Music and a Few Words to 12-Second Biden Clip

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Epic Results After Someone Adds Music and a Few Words to 12-Second Biden Clip
The entire context of the video shifts when these seven words begin playing. Read more…
FDNY Commissioner Who Vowed to 'Hunt' Pro-Trump Staffers Gets Brutal Reception at St. Patrick's Day Parade
Although she walked it back, the threat is apparently not forgotten. Read more…
State Lawmaker Threatens Riots After General Assembly Passes Pro-Police Bill
She called supporters of the bill "Confederates." Read more…
Joe Biden Gets New 'Transport' Shoes That Have to Be Seen to Be Believed
The footwear change is presumably to keep the president more stable on his feet and less likely to trip or fall, which could potentially be far more devastating politically than physically. Read more…
Seething Biden Rages After Allies Give Him the Bad News: Report
He reportedly couldn't handle it when he was given the bad news. Read more…
Perverse: Biden Gave Special Gift to Staffers Who Helped Him Coverup Illegal Classified Docs
Clinton and Biden dealt illegally with classified documents, but Trump is the only one being prosecuted. Is that proof that the system rigged? Read more…
Day After Trump Warns of 'Animals' at Border, News Breaks of 'Hezbollah' Member Caught at El Paso - Planned to Build Bomb, Head for NY
Even as the establishment media formed a united front and attacked Trump's comment about vicious criminal killers coming over the border being "animals," a devastating report came out proving him right. Read more…
Big Turn for Trump, AG Letitia James Now Ready to Seize His Assets
A bond this large is proving difficult for Trump to secure. Read more…
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