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Fwd: Critical VA legislation may come up this week.. Loads of Egregious garbage to sort Through

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Subject: Critical VA legislation may come up this week.. Loads of Egregious garbage to sort Through

This is from Carol Stopps who has done a great job of listing critical Virginia  legislation that needs to be addressed and forwarded NOW.
Thank you for helping.
Please help get this General Assembly update out by forwarding!
Thank you
To All The Fabulous clic-va Patriots.
Attached is the current status of truly bad far far left bills proposed this year. Many are still in committee. CLIC-VA OPPOSES these bills. The next few days are crucial. Crossover is this Friday, FEB.5.
· Please contact your Senator and Delegate with your top 3 - 4 OPPOSE bills (especially if they are democrats) Discussing too many bills at once is not effective. Send multiple emails instead. When sending an email, be sure to put the bill number/s and SUPPORT or OPPOSE in the subject line.
· I suggest using district office phones for Delegates as they are not in Richmond. (House sessions are remote this year) 
· Attached:  email address blocks to use to contact all representatives. Cut and paste into bcc.   
HB 2227 / SB1224 Uniform Statewide Building Code; amendments, energy efficiency and conservation. HOUSE Subcommittee recommends reporting VA must adopt Building Code standards that are at least as stringent as International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
HB 1965 State Air Pollution Control Board; low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle program. PASSING. A bill for Virginia to adopt the low auto emissions standards used by California and a dozen other states
SB 1284 Commonwealth Clean Energy Policy; established. Mandate - reach net-zero emission by 2045 in all sectors, including the electric power, transportation, industrial, agricultural, building, and infrastructure sectors; 
HB 1937 Green New Deal Act; establishes a moratorium, effective January 1, 2022, Requires 100% of  energy to be produced by renewable sources by 2036. Prohibits import / export and new pipelines. Article
HB 1979 Electric vehicle rebate program; creation and funding, report. Subcom recommends reporting. NO - Let the free market work!
Reduce / eliminate Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement
SB 1440 Law-enforcement officer, etc.; civil action for unlawful acts of force or failure to intervene.
HB 2045 Civil action for deprivation of rights; duties and liabilities of certain employers. Subcom recommends laying on the table
Court Packing
SB 1261 Court of Appeals; expands jurisdiction, increases from 11 to 17 number of judges on Court. We support gradual expansion.
HB 2112 Court of Appeals; expands jurisdiction, increases from 11 to 15 number of judges on Court.  ''
HB 1935 / SB 1146 Income tax, state; conformity with the Internal Revenue Code. Disallowing federal Paycheck Protection Plan loan deductions will push some VA companies from tax-free losses into taxable gains. (1/29/21 Jefferson Journal article) Discussion with the Governor is ongoing ...
HB 2157 Estate tax; reinstates the [DEATH] tax for persons dying on or after July 1, 2021
Government Overreach
HB 1910 Regional transportation authorities; creation. Creates unelected regional transportation authorities (No accountability) Subcommittee recommends reporting
Convention of the states  
HJ 516 United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states. Committee meets at the call of the chair. Currently no meetings scheduled.
Prohibit illegal alien info release to ICE / immigration
HB 2163 Motor Vehicles, Department; limits the release of privileged information to government entities. PASSED COMMITTEE
SB 1220 State facilities; admission of certain aliens. PASSED SENATE
HB 2123 / SB 1387 Students; [Illegal alien] eligibility for in-state tuition. PASSING BOTH HOUSES
FREE MARKET destroyers  and  Pro-union bills
HB 1864 Virginia Human Rights Act; expands definition of employer. PASSED HOUSE [re: Domestic workers] Under this bill, anyone who hires just one person, even if it's part-time (a few hours a week), to babysit their child or provide in-home tutoring, would be treated as an employer and open them up to civil lawsuits under the Human Rights Act from the Attorney General and/or disgruntled applicants.
HB 2155 / SB 1360 Virginia Human Rights Act; nondiscrimination in employment, sexual harassment. HOUSEReported from General Laws with substitute Further defines sexual harassment; awards attorneys fees & costs; will now apply to employers with only 5 employees (reduced from 15). 
HB 2016 Paid family and medical leave program; Virginia Employment Commission required to establish. State run paid family and medical leave program with benefits. Plans for another inefficient state run program. Let the free market work!
HB 2174 VirginiaSaves Program; established, memberships. PASSED HOUSE State-sponsored private retirement programs, ...[state run social security???]  Plans for another inefficient state run program. Let the free market work!
HB 2137 Paid sick leave; employers to provide to certain employees. Business mandate!
HB 2103 Certain public & private employers to provide earned paid sick time. Business mandate!
SB 1159 Sick leave; use for the care of immediate family members. Business mandate!
HB 1780 Public employees; prohibition on striking, exception. Allows teacher strikes
HB 1755 Right to work; repeals provisions of Code that refers to denial or abridgement. Repeals VA Right To Work status; allows for a union membership requirement as a condition for employment.
HB 2237 Virginia Public Procurement Act; project labor agreements, transportation projects. [union support] Labor agreements; drive up the cost of public transportation projects; drive out qualified small VA owned businesses.
SB 1419 Project labor agreements; public interest       ''
Election Law  (Conspicuously absent in democrat bills are any protections against voter fraud!)
SB 1097 Absentee voting; PASSED SENATE. (21-Y 18-N) witness signature not required.
SB 1239 Absentee voting; third-party absentee ballot assembly and distribution. PASSED SENATE (27-Y 12-N)
HB 2125 Voter registration; pre registration for persons 16 years of age or older. PASSING
HJ 551 Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, 16-year-olds permitted to vote (first reference).  
HB 2020 Nomination of candidates for elected offices; restrictions on nomination method selected. PASSING NO MORE CONVENTIONS for nominating candidates. Political parties are private entities. The Government has no business interfering in the nomination process that political parties choose to employ.
HB 2278 Voter registration; political party affiliation, closed primary elections. As long as primaries are paid for by taxpayers, voters should be able to vote in any primary. (Political parties have ways to nominate candidates other than primaries if they want to restrict their nomination process to party members only)
HB 1890  / SB 1395 Discrimination; prohibited in voting and elections administration, etc. PASSING HOUSE Allows local Governments, Attorney General and the courts to become involved in determining election law which is the US Constitutional sole duty of state Legislatures. Includes - Release of false info to voters creates a  civil cause of action under the bill; criminal / penalties. [Does this include mentioning "a stolen election"???]
SB 1245 Absentee voting; establishment of drop-off locations, ballot defects, cure process. PASSING
HB 1888 Absentee voting; procedural and process reforms, availability and accessibility reforms, penalty. PASSED (55-Y 43-N) Requires drop boxes; central counting locations; changes to counting processes and curing absentee ballots and more!
HB 1883 Elections; preclearance of certain covered practices required. Allows ballot harvesting, drop boxes, central counting facilities + 
HJ 555  &  HJ 546 Constitutional amendment; felon disenfranchisement. Easy restoration of felons right to vote.
HB 1933 Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact. (Senate companion bill SB 1101 - DEAD)
HJ 513 Constitutional amendment; executive power, state of emergency, special session (first reference). Limits the authority of the Governor to issue an executive order declaring a state of emergency 
SB 1303 Local school divisions; availability of in-person learning. PASSING - OPEN THE SCHOOLS
HB 2134 Employee classification; provision of personal protective equipment in response to a disaster. PASSING. Protects Independent Contractors.
SB 1323 Worker classification; qualification of independent contractors.  Protects Independent Contractors.
SB 1198 Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; license plate readers. PASSING Prohibits law-enforcement and regulatory agencies from using license plate readers to collect and maintain personal information on individuals without a warrant.
Rumor has it that Mitch McConnell needs to hear from us! He is negotiating re: the Filibuster Rule!
Tell Mitch McConnell He Must "Keep The Filibuster Rule AS IS"  
DC office:  202-224-2451 
If no voicemail in DC, call a regional office ... Louisville,(502) 582-6304 ... Lexington:(859) 224-8286
Carol Stopps and the clic-va Team 
CLIC-VA.org  tips appreciated / register for alerts
"Our standard is the Constitution — for every issue, on every occasion, with no exceptions.

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