Thursday, July 14, 2016

Transgender arrested for voyeurism at Target

Transgender arrested for voyeurism at Target

Shauna Patricia Smith, 43, is in custody in the Bonneville County Jail under the name Sean Smith, according to the jail's active inmate roster. A Bonneville County Sheriff's Office news release said the suspect also is known as Sean P. Smith.

ACLU sues Baton Rouge police

Civil rights groups and activists sued Baton Rouge law enforcement agencies over their treatment of protesters rallying against the police shooting death of a black man, saying officers used excessive force and physically and verbally abused peaceful demonstrators.

Congressional Black Corruption

If Black Lives Matter, then why have entrenched members of the Congressional Black Caucus spent more time enriching themselves than taking care of their neglected constituents?

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Texas Sens. Cornyn, Cruz propose bill to make killing of cop a federal crime
Two senators from Texas introduced legislation making it a federal crime to kill a police officer nearly one week after five officers in Dallas were killed by a sniper.

For Obama, Leftist Rhetoric Is Always Innocent and Conservatives Are Guilty
When it comes to the linkage between violence and rhetoric, I abide by a fairly simple rule: If you're not advocating violence, you're not responsible for violence.

Trump to name veep pick Friday
Donald Trump has decided to announce his vice presidential pick on Friday, according to two people familiar with the planning of the event.

Sanctuary Hospitals: Who Pays the Bills?
Medical bills are pushing more Americans into severe financial distress, even if they have insurance.

Trump leading or tied in crucial swing state polls
A trio of state-specific polls show Donald Trump leading or tied in the crucial battleground states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Exxon Shakedown
Liberal attorneys general from 17 states have put a big red bulls-eye on the chest of big oil.

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'Never Trump' continues to wage delegate battle

Minnesota Lynx not wearing Black Lives Matter shirts in Texas

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