Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wyoming sweep!

I have fantastic news. We just swept Donald Trump in Wyoming and stand to pick up even more delegates in multiple state party conventions this weekend.

In short: IT’S WORKING! We are winning delegates nationwide and are on the road to earning the nomination.

Help us keep the momentum »

This is all thanks to you, Robert, and millions of other courageous conservatives who are supporting our campaign. But these victories do come at a cost.

Members of our Delegate Team are working hard at these conventions as you read this to make sure we keep pushing forward, but we are running out of resources.

We have defeated Donald Trump in election after election across this great country over the past two weeks. But in order to keep this winning streak alive, will you help us and make a contribution of $3 or more?

Without your help, I fear that we will struggle to reach every voter with the information they need to ensure victory at the convention in Cleveland.

So, will you stop what you are doing and make a contribution to our efforts?

Help Our Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts: $250 »

What we are doing is working -- we just need your help to keep our momentum.

Thank you and God bless!

For liberty,

Ted Cruz

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