Tuesday, April 26, 2016

URGENT: Trump's bullying

BREAKING: Delegates being "Watched" in Indiana

Robert -- I don't have much time to explain.

In case you missed Ken's email yesterday, there's already been a huge response to our Delegate Defense HOTLINE.

Reports keep coming in from across the country of bullying phone calls, frightening emails, and threatening social media posts...

Robert, I need your help to defend delegates from this intimidation that is beneath the office for which Donald Trump seeks.

You see: Donald Trump has a consistent pattern of inciting violence. This election is unlike any we've ever seen...the future of our nation is at stake and tensions are high. So, we have no choice but to take these threats seriously.

Please if you have any information -- call the Delegate Defense HOTLINE at (832)-290-7368 to report any harassment or potential attacks.

And even more importantly, due to the overwhelming response will you please stop and chip in $50 or $35 in the next 24 hours to help us keep the line open!?

URGENT: Support the Delegate Defense Fund >>

I wish I could go into more detail, but I can't -- to keep from further endangering the identity and safety of the threatened delegates.

Robert, instead of playing by the rules, Donald Trump and his goon squad have decided their best path to power is to intimidate opponents and harass our delegates.

Will you join me today to ensure we put an end to Donald's bullying style politics?

Those of us who play by the rules, stick to our principles, and fight hard to defend liberty and freedom do not deserve to be attacked by Donald Trump and his henchmen.

That's why I'm counting on you to help me protect our delegates from these unseemly threats.

Will you help?

For liberty,
Ted  Cruz
Ted Cruz

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