Friday, November 20, 2015

The Knockout Punch for NAGR Fear-Mongers

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Robert --

In this final installment of my series of e-mails responding to Dudley Brown and his smear campaign against our Constitution, I'm ready to deliver the knockout punch.

But first, I need to address one last component of Dudley's e-mail. This portion:

"Accountability WORKS. … The answer is to force them to obey the rule of law. ... The Convention supporters who claim they can control the process are snake-oil salesmen. The answer: forcing politicians to follow the rule of law. Holding our public servants accountable is the key to restoring our nation. That's why my staff and I work day in and day out to do just that. … All these facts are why it is imperative that we stop the Article V Constitutional Convention. The National Association for Gun Rights stands with our Founding Fathers in supporting the Constitution. That's why I'm asking for your URGENT help in stopping the misguided push for a Convention! ... And if you can, please chip in $10 or $20 to help defend the Second Amendment."

Let's ignore the part where Dudley Brown calls respected constitutional attorneys and scholars like Michael Farris, Mark Levin, Chuck Cooper, Randy Barnett, Ken Cuccinelli, David Barton, Mark Meckler, Nelson Lund, Rob Natelson, and countless others "snake-oil salesmen." (Really, Dudley?)

Let's address the substance of what Dudley Brown is saying here; the heart of his argument. Dudley is telling you to ask your state legislators NOT to use their constitutional power to end federal overreach, and then to send a check to NAGR!

He says that "the key to restoring our nation" is some nebulous combination of "holding our public servants accountable" and "forcing politicians to follow the rule of law."

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Dudley has failed to expound on how we can "force politicians to follow the rule of law" when that rule of law has been definitively re-interpreted by the courts to allow the politicians to do what they like, consider this: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

There are many American heroes--including Michael Farris and Phyllis Schlafly--who have been actively working to "hold our public servants accountable" for decades. But unfortunately, their noble, tireless efforts have barely slowed our nation's steady transformation into something other than the constitutional republic it was designed to be.

And that is why it is time to exercise our final, constitutional check on federal power. It's time for state legislatures to use the Article V Convention process the Founding Fathers gave us to propose a specific brand of constitutional amendments—those that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and impose term limits on its officials and on members of Congress.

Only in this way can we make the definitive course correction that is now required, by reversing, in black and white language, the Supreme Court "interpretations" that have perverted the Constitution's original meaning and given all three branches of the federal government way too much power.

But here's the knockout punch for Dudley Brown, the NAGR, and every other group of fear-mongering Article V naysayers: American patriots are not afraid.

We aren't afraid to use a constitutional process that our Founding Fathers designed for our protection. We aren't afraid of far-fetched imaginings of rogue delegates—at least not when compared to the certainty of demise if we continue on our current course. We aren't afraid that 38 states will ratify some bizarre amendment proposal. We aren't afraid of Hillary Clinton, and we are most certainly not afraid of George Soros and his money.

We are full of courage, and full of hope. We have faith in the Almighty Hand of Providence. We are dedicated to preserving our self-governance, and we will not forsake the peaceful, constitutional means of reclaiming it that the Article V Convention provides--for such a time as this.

We are American patriots, Dudley Brown, and we are not afraid.

Fellow patriot, please ask your state legislators to support Delegate Lingamfelter's HJR 3 during the 2016 session of the General Assembly. You can find the contact information here

For Liberty,
Rita M. Dunaway

Virginia Legislative Liaison

Convention of States Action · PO Box 1073, Purcellville, VA 20134, United States
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