Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NAGR Fear-Mongering vs. Constitutional Knowledge - Round 4

Convention of States Action

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Robert --

As you've seen in previous e-mails in this series, it's common for Article V naysayers to oppose the constitutional Article V process because they don't understand it. There's nothing sinister in that—they just need to be educated. But today I will address a far more disturbing aspect of Dudley Brown's recent smear campaign, in which he attempts to mislead you into thinking that hard-core liberals are actually supporting the Convention of States Project's Article V application.

This is what Dudley says:

"Prominent leftists are loudly supporting a Convention. Even more alarming is the support for an Article V Convention from the radical left, including Code Pink, WOLF-PAC, MoveOn, the Sierra Club, the Move to Amend Coalition, and the Occupy Movement. On top of that, left-wing billionaire George Soros is pouring millions of dollars into the Article V Convention effort. Even Hillary Clinton has come out in favor. ... Leftists like Soros and anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg know this is their best chance to rewrite -- or even throw out -- the Second Amendment. They are drooling all over the opportunity to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights. … Listen to the radical agenda of Democrat Virginia State Delegate Mark Sickles: "If we have [an Article V Convention], I want to be a delegate... There's lot of problems with this Constitution. I'll just get up to this Convention and start whacking away." Clearly, there are individuals who will be delegates to an Article V Convention who are already out to take our firearms."

I'll get to Delegate Sickles in a moment (and you won't want to miss it!). But first, do you see how Dudley is trying to frighten you? What he says is that leftists are supporting "a Convention," but the implication, from context, is that "leftists" are prominent supporters of the Convention of States Project's application for an Article V Convention to impose limitations on federal power. He implies that they support our effort because they believe (as he outlined in other parts of the e-mail) that any Article V Convention will be an unlimited, uncontrollable free-for-all.

But do they believe that? And are they supporting our Article V application?

No, and no.

And how do I know this, you ask? Because when this manipulative deception first began circulating, COS Co-Founder Michael Farris assigned me the task of finding out! That's right. I personally contacted the very groups that Dudley named, and simply asked them if they supported our Article V application. They don't.

Of course, the most effective deceptions are those that simply twist the truth. What's true here is that these groups are supporting an effort to trigger an Article V convention—but for a totally different purpose. They are supporting Article V applications for a convention to propose an amendment dealing with campaign finance reform. But they are not supporting our Article V application.

So the fact is, what Dudley is highlighting is actually evidence that disproves his argument. If these "leftists" really believed that an Article V convention could not be limited to its stated agenda, or that George Soros could control the outcome, then they would join forces with the Convention of States Project rather than mounting their own efforts! With liberals controlling only a handful of states, they face a nearly impossible task to get their application passed. But these "progressives" understand what Dudley sadly does not—that the stated agenda in the applications do matter, and that the process is a safe, structured and methodical one.

And what about Delegate Sickles, who professed his eagerness to attend a convention and start "whacking away"? Apparently even he knows he can't do that under the Convention of States Project's application, because the last time he voted on it, he voted nay.

Dudley Brown, real American patriots don't turn tail and run at the mention of a "prominent leftist." And they aren't so easily manipulated by fear-mongering propaganda. Real American patriots stand their ground.

For Liberty,
Rita M. Dunaway

Virginia Legislative Liaison

Convention of States Action · PO Box 1073, Purcellville, VA 20134, United States
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