Thursday, September 17, 2015

Constitution Day


Robert --

  Will you still have constitutional rights in Virginia after November 3rd?

  Today is Constitution Day. As I've stated throughout my campaign, I defend all of our rights all of the time.

  Unfortunately, the same can't be said of my opponents. Recently, the Republican State Leadership Committee threw their weight behind my Republican opponent's so-called conservative campaign. Republicans have been silent on Second Amendment rights, as well as civil liberties. At the same time, my Democratic opponent - a big government advocate - evangelizes a state funded K-12 program that furthers the state's monopoly on education. Both of my opponents fail to offer contemporary solutions to issues that matter most to residents of Loudoun and Prince William Counties. And the two legacy parties, so far, offer only government solutions that increase taxes and take away our freedom.

  Unlike my opponents, I've learned the issues that actually matter to residents in our region, and it's been the most rewarding work I've ever done. I am canvasing each weekend and talking to residents because, after all, the role of a delegate is to represent the people of his/her district. I am - without a doubt - the hardest working candidate in this race, and I do it without support from special interest.

  Brian canvassing neighborhoods

  Even with volunteers, I'm not able to reach every voter in our district.  As a result, my campaign team started publishing videos about my platform. These videos introduce voters to my solutions, expose my sense of humor, and promote commonsense solutions. These videos play an important role in my campaign, and our goal is to release a new video each week leading up to election day.

  This is where you can help: a donation of $2 today will help us fund current and future plans for video advertisements. Your donation will allow us to purchase better equipment and, potentially, pay for TV and radio advertisements. Even if you do not live in the 87th district, a donation to my campaign will help establish prosperity, equality and liberty for all Virginians

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Brian for District 87


Brian for District 87 · United States
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