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SAVE THE DATE - Loren Spivack, the 'Free Market Warrior' 12/9

TOMORROW - Manassas Tea Party's 5th Anniversary Event With Louie Gohmert

9/16 'Deport Illegals?' and GOP Debate Watch

9/17 The Parenting Moments that Matter Most

9/25 Michelle Malkin Keynotes Clifton GOP Women Gala

ATP Member & Delegate Candidate Anna Urman Volunteer Request
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SAVE THE DATE - Loren Spivack, the 'Free Market Warrior' 12/9
Loren got rave reviews at the seminar he gave us last year. Join us for a dinner program at the Harvest Moon in Falls Church.

Tomorrow - Manassas Tea Party's 5th Anniversary Event With Louie Gohmert 
From Manassas Tea Party -
***  KEN CUCCINELLI - former Virginia Attorney General and Tea Party favorite will join us speaking on what Liberty lovers in the commonwealth can do to keep freedom alive.
***  MARTHA BONETA - Ever charming and energetic, Virginia's favorite small farmer and stalwart advocate for property rights will be our guest.
Hey Everyone,
       This is really exciting. Our 5th Anniversary Event is coming up next month and one of my heroes, Congressman Louie Gohmert, is going to be OUR special guest! Louie is one of the most fearless fighters for common sense, common decency and Liberty in all of American government. He is DESPISED and reviled by the Left but he just keeps on keepin' on. We're really doing this up right as you can see in the flyer

        Please make your reservations early (and get a nice discount) at As you can see, there are several ticket options, including a limited number of "Meet & Greet Tickets" where you can meet Mr. Gohmert and get a professional photograph with him.   For those who recently paid their membership dues and are eligible for a discount, a separate email correspondence will be sent to you as to how to obtain the discount. 

       SPREAD THE WORD to your Liberty-minded friends and join us to memorialize 9/11, celebrate our 5th anniversary, see Congressman Gohmert receive the MTP 2015 Freedom Fighter Award and watch the premiere of our Public Service Announcement. It's going to be a big night!

Dan Arnold, 
Chairman, Manassas Tea Party
9/16 'Deport Illegals?' and GOP Debate Watch 
Freedom Leadership Conference program  features Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.
Wed., Sept. 16, 2015
Marriott Fair lakes Residence Inn
12815 Fair Lakes Residence Inn, Fairfax, VA
5:30 PM dinner
7 PM Conference
Conference Flyer
RSVP Reservation Form

9/17 The Parenting Moments that Matter Most 
$10 suggested donation
Movies, TV, radio and even news reports raise topics and situations contrary to how many parents try to raise their children. The cultural depravity is enough to make parents wince, like watching a physical blow to the head of someone we love. We lament the loss of innocence as today's youth are assaulted with ideas most of us didn't encounter until adulthood.
Join us for an insightful presentation by Marybeth Hicks about how to use these challenging moments to create teachable moments. Part theoretical discussion, part "hands on" practical advice, Marybeth Hicks is always engaging and fun.
September 17, 2015
7:30 - 9:00 PM

Embassy Suites 
44610 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, VA 20147
Author, columnist and speaker Marybeth Hicksis a frequent commentator on cultural issues, appearing on national television outlets including Fox News Channel's Hannity and Fox and Friends, the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club and EWTN's The World Over.  She has been a guest  on dozens of national and regional radio programs including those hosted by Sean Hannity, Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, Jim Bohannon, Hugh Hewitt, G. Gordon Liddy, Brian Kilmeade and others.
Her column "Teachable Moments" is featured in Catholic Digestmagazine, and she appears weekly on Son Rise Morning Show with Matt Swaim
. For nine years, she was a weekly culture columnist for The Washington Times.
9/25   Michelle Malkin Keynotes Clifton GOP Women Gala 
The Republican Women of Clifton hold their annual gala dinner Sept. 25th at 7pm.
Michelle Malkin keynotes this year's event. More info here -
ATP Member & Delegate Candidate Anna Urman Volunteer Request
Anna is looking for volunteers to help with yard signs.

Anna's campaign website, with Donate and Volunteer buttons, is here - 
Anna helped us with our school lunch activism project earlier this year. She is running for the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican in the 43rd District. ATP does not endorse candidates but does support those who align with our core values - limited government, free markets, fiscal responsibility - as Anna does.

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