Saturday, May 23, 2015


To All,

Some of you may have already voted, however you may have not provided information to identify yourself to me as a 2013 Republican Delegate, so I amended the information question to have you provide the email address I sent this message to, as that was the email address you provided for the Convention.

I intend to provide this information to John Whitbeck the Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.  The RPV Executive Committee is expected to vote to switch from a republican Presidential Primary to a Nominating Convention.  I believe that would be a grave mistake that may turn core Republican voters off and we may lose Control of the State Senate if these voters stay home. I need to maintain integrity of this poll by confirming all voters were 2013 delegates.  I even did not count votes by spouses that were not delegates.

I also added a question concerning Registration by Political Party as several people  made comments in regard to that in my prior survey.  My goal is to have 100 votes/Congressional District!

Please take this survey, your opinion will count!

Virginia Republican Primary

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