Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Your job

Robert --

If secular liberals had their way, you’d see signs like this everywhere. They want God banned from the public square. But that’s nothing new.

In recent years it’s become abundantly clear that they want Him out of private businesses, too. If you want to sell flowers, take photos or sell delicious chicken sandwiches, you better leave your faith and beliefs at home.

But recently the stakes got even higher. Now your private beliefs, expressed on your private time, can cost you your job!

We need to make sure something like this never happens in Virginia. And it’s for exactly that reason that we are here, day in and day out, fighting for your values at the Capitol and across Virginia. But we can’t be here without you.

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Across the country we’ve had stories of photographers, florists and bakers who’ve been fined and driven out of business because they’ve tried to apply their faith to their business.

Far more alarming is the news out of Atlanta, where the city’s fire chief was abruptly let go. Why was the 30 year veteran shown the door? He dared express the Biblical ethic of marriage and sexuality in a book he wrote. For that, the mayor fired him.

Keep in mind there was no evidence that he ever discriminated against anyone. Merely expressing his belief was enough to get him fired. This is new ground in the battle between sexual liberty and religious freedom.

This happened in Georgia, not Washington, Oregon, California or Massachusetts. It begs the question, could it happen here?

Secular liberals are trying. Here in Virginia, during just this year's General Assembly session, they introduced 20 bills that would have brought that kind of freedom-crushing policy to our Commonwealth. Twenty!

Had those bills passed, they would have ushered in a new era in Virginia -- one where our freedom to live by faith in the public square, in our business, at school, or anywhere outside the four walls of our church -- for now -- would have been destroyed.

The Family Foundation was -- and must be -- there to see that each and every one of them was stopped.

But now, Attorney General Mark Herring has once again ignored long standing policy in Virginia and released an opinion saying that public schools can grant special protection according to sexual orientation/gender identity even though the General Assembly has never given that power! There’s little doubt that this policy will be used to silence kids who have a deeply held religious belief about human sexuality that an overzealous teacher or administrator could deem ‘discriminatory.’

We must not let them win. Please join us in standing for the right of all Virginians to boldly, and publicly live out their faith.

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For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb

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