Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Join me this Sunday


Please join me, Sunday at 5:00, at the Fat Tuna Grill in Williamsburg




Several weeks ago I shared a letter regarding my decision not to seek the 93rd District House of Delegates seat in the coming election.  If you missed it you can 'Click here to read it'.  In short, I intend to take a different path to address key challenges facing the Commonwealth.


Nonetheless, the 93rd District needs an effective Delegate.  Having served with leaders in both parties, I witnessed the positive results one can make in their communities.  To the contrary, even before his swearing in, our current Delegate told the media, "rather than trying to be a star with his own bills", he would support the General Assembly's "natural leaders".  Indeed he kept that promise, joining just Delegate Joe Morrissey as the only legislators in either party or chamber who failed to pass even a single bill in two years.  While 'natural leaders' work effectively for their home districts, the 93rd needs a leader of its own.


Ours is not a typical district.  While its four localities share many concerns, each has unique challenges and characteristics.  Consequently, it has a history of electing a new delegate every two years, a distinction that limits our influence in Richmond.  To remedy this, we need a representative with wide ranging experience and appeal and of course, someone who's able to get things done.  I believe that Lara Overy meets these requisites. 


As you come to know Lara, you'll learn about her experience with business, the arts, education, and more.  I am particularly appreciative of her efforts in workforce development as she has dedicated years to both the entry (students) and exit (employer) sides of these programs.  This is a critical issue for jobs in our district and state, and she will lead this charge in Richmond.  That's why I took the $5,000 check I'd written to my own committee in December and made it the first contribution to Lara's campaign. 


This Sunday at 5:00, Lara will officially kick off her campaign for the House of Delegates at Williamsburg's "Fat Tuna Grill".  Please join me there.  It will be a great opportunity to talk with Lara, learn why she's running, and contribute to her campaign if you are so inclined.  There is no minimum; every dollar counts.  If you are unable to attend, please consider making a contribution by mail or on-line today 'by clicking here'.


Friends, the last few election cycles have demonstrated the difference between effective delegates and those who are not.  It really does make a difference in our hometown.  Help our district get its voice back in Richmond next session by supporting Lara Overy for Delegate.


I look forward to seeing you Sunday. 


For more information visit Lara's website or email

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Respectfully yours,



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