Monday, March 2, 2015

Come join me at VA Tea Party Patriots Federation Summit 2015 comes to Richmond on Chester, VA

Fight or Pay...
Mike Sawyer
Mike Sawyer has invited you to the event 'VA Tea Party Patriots Federation Summit 2015 comes to Richmond' on Chester, VA!
Two Saturdays from now! A very worthwhile event comes to Richmond on March 14th. Make plans now!

VA Tea Party Patriots Federation Summit 2015 comes to Richmond Time: March 14, 2015 from 10am to 4pm
Location: Hilton Garden Inn - Innsbrook
Organized By: Virginia Tea Party Patriots

Event Description:
Don't miss the March VTPPF Summit 2015 Saturday, March 14
The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation has a plan to
 From your locality right to Congress, this summit tells all! 
Guest Speakers
7th District Congressman Dave Brat & RPV Chairman John Whitbeck 
This event will kick off 2015 in OUR direction   Open to LIKE-MINDED CONSERVATIVES only - NOT the general public
 Register Here

Registration Opens

Start  Business Meeting 10:00 - 10:30 (Not open to Guest) Prayer, Pledge, Creed

Edgar open with theme Holding Them Accountable In 2015 : Calendar of events with webinars, bylaws, New Chair Treasure Report

Lisa Everington Election Chair  Update Q&A

Ben Slone 2nd Vice Chair Who are the Good Guys and the Bad Guys list Q&A

John Whitbeck Bringing the Party back together Q&A


Dave Brat Town Hall and MUCH MORE! 

Bob Keeler Membership Chair: How to build your Tea Party Q&A

Carol CoLA Update: What happen at the General Assembly Q&A

Tim Hannigan Communications Chair Update Q&A

Waverly Woods Event Chair June Summit Update

Summit Close

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (VTPPF) is a statewide federation of local, non-partisan limited government groups; it was established to advance and strengthen the tea party movement in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Federation helps local, independent tea party/patriot groups grow in numbers and influence and nurture communication and collaboration among Virginia tea party and other limited government groups.
Founding principles and God-given rights predicated in the U.S. and Virginia Constitution.  Our mission is to encourage and facilitate citizen participation in the political process and empower all citizens with a voice and influence in demanding Constitutional governance.

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