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Dec 20 News from the Alexandria Tea Party

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Update from ATP: 




Actions You Can Take


Contact Your Congressman to Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

From the Coalition For A Prosperous America:  


Help this national effort to STOP the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Fast Track.  TPP is NAFTA and CAFTA on STEROIDS, and Fast Track is a tool the administration can use to take from Congress a power clearly given to them in the Constitution. 


Here is a short video to help you understand how bad this will be, but keep in mind it just touches the surface.   

The Obama Administration is negotiating, in secret, this dangerous trade and global governance agreement (the Trans Pacific Partnership), and he is trying to Fast Track it.  Sold under the guise of "free trade", the TPP is an assault on our constitution.  It will transfer large swaths of Congress' and state power to international tribunals, all the while "harmonizing" U.S. law with international rules. 

CPA website with more information and a tool to help you contact your Congressman:


From Virginia Tea Party Patriots -


Support the Free Citizen On-Line Newspapers

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  Financial contributions strongly encouraged.  (Also, any leads to potential advertisers would be greatly appreciated - ATP)

Free Citizen Websites


1.      Greene FC FB

2.    Fauquier FC FB 

3.      Fairfax FC FB 

4.      Virginia FC FB   


ATP Comment - These new publications were created and are run by Tea Partiers.  They are going a long way towards getting the Tea Party message out to our state.  The Free Citizen movement began with coverage of food freedom advocate Martha Boneta in Fauquier County and the farm bill, and has gone on to provide solid news coverage from our side of the ledger ever since.  Please bookmark these sites in your browser, tell your friends, and sign up for accounts and mailings (this helps them attract advertisers).


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Upcoming Events



Northern Virginia Tea Party hosts:

Center for Self Governance Training
Level I
(We will have successive courses about every six weeks.)

Sunday, January 5, 2013 noon to 8pm
Location: Fairfax 

Register Here

ATP Comment - CSG was formed by professional teachers, Tea Partiers in Tennessee, to provide a foundation for effective citizen lobbying at all levels of government.  CSG has presented to a Virginia Tea Party Patriots state-wide conference and concall.  CSG is also presenting its training in about half the country now.  People are saying great things about this training and graduates are beginning to shake up local politics in the Memphis area.  If you'd like to hone your activist skills, this is a good way to do it.



Virginia Tea Party Patriots Lobby Day  



January 20, 2014


It's that time again! Let them know  - " We're  still here"


Lobbying   ~  Networking  ~  Lunch and Happy Hour with Legislators


9:30-11:30    Lobby Your Representatives  - Patriots  Hospitality Room

General Assembly Building (GAB), 910 Capitol Square, Richmond VA 23219  (9th & Broad) You will be          required to go through a security check to enter the building. Pick up a "Capitol Connections" 2014 guide to Legislator's office numbers at the information desk in the main lobby. Advance appointments are recommended.  VTPP legislative materials will be available in conference room  7 West at 9:30am. (COFFEE / FOOD - 6th floor cafeteria)


11:00-noon   VCDL Rally at the Bell Tower


12:00 noon   General Assembly session begins

                               Watch live from the Capitol galleries or on closed circuit TV in the General Assembly Building.

                                  Senate:  GAB, Senate room B,  1st  floor    ~    House:   GAB,  House room D, 1st floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


11:30-2:00    Private Patriots Lunch Buffet.   Legislators will be invited to join us.

                                 We need to know you'll be there!

                                 Pay at the door; Register here:   

                                 $11.95  plus tax and tip ($16)  Gibson's Grill, 700 East Broad ST (7th and Broad)


2:00-5:00      Patriots Happy HourLegislators will be invited to join us.

                                 Gibson's Grill, 700 East Broad ST (7th and Broad)










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