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Dec 2 News from the Alexandria Tea Party

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Update from ATP: 






Repeal 16 Coalition
From Tea Party Patriots

Dear Patriot:


We are excited to tell you about a new nationwide coalition that recently formed. Repeal 16 is a grassroots effort to fully repeal the 16th Amendment, which created the IRS and the federal income tax.


As you are no doubt aware, the IRS has been targeting and harassing tea party and other conservative groups for the past three years.  We now know that the IRS illegally disclosed sensitive tax and donor information of conservative organizations in an attempt to intimidate them.  And, perhaps most alarmingly, the IRS will have an even bigger role in our lives as Obamacare is being fully implemented!


We encourage you to check out the website for Repeal 16 and learn about this important new project to rein in the abusive IRS. 

In Liberty,

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team



ATP Member Publishes Dystopian Novel

David Walls-Kaufman, who spoke at our October meeting, has published a fun, anti-authoritarian novel Caesar Americus: One Party Rule now available on Amazon.  What would the first political re-education camp in America be like?  Would your "Guide" say you are such a racist and bad person that you deserve to have your liberty snatched away?  How would the first rifle butt taste as the elites in America got so frustrated with Utopia not coming down from the heavens that, once again, they blame it all on YOU, and take it out on YOU?  This is the terrain explored in Caesar Americus - a Socialist Dystopia, lying somewhere between Atlas Shrugged and 1984, burgeoning out of an America in which people are trained to think that a PC thugocracy means enlightenment.  It's the story of America fighting back with the re-discovered tenacity of a free people finally waking up to the reality of a New-Age Fascism which has perfected the art of Psy-Ops and political propaganda. But who are the freedom fighters and where did they come from?  How did they convince the young to fight alongside them?  How do they neutralize the propaganda laced throughout every book and movie in the land?  Is it technology that proves the best weapon against the wolf in sheep's clothing - or is it something more primal?  This is as much a "How To" on stopping Fascism in its tracks as it is a novel. 



Silence over Graft in Alexandria City Hall - a City employee blows the whistle on undocumented invoices, wins jury verdict in wrongful termination case, but the City appeals the verdict and the media is missing in action.  (first article on the home page)



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Actions You Can Take


Obenshain Recount
From the GOP 8th District Newsletter

Obenshain Recount Update


As you may know, the Attorney General's race is entering the recount process.  Mark Obenshain currently trails Mark Herring by 165 votes.  The recount is expected to start on December 16.  There will be many different actions that will take place as part of the recount, including:


Running optical scan ballots through tabulating machines;
Recounting by hand any optical scan ballots that are rejected from the machines;
Recounting by hand provisional ballots;
Recounting by hand absentee ballots;
Re-tallying the tapes printed by direct-recording electronic voting machines; and
Reprinting and re-tallying any illegible tapes printed on election night.


You can read more about the recount process at the Obenshain campaign website (click here). 


The Obenshain campaign will need as many volunteers as possible for the recount.  Will you be able to help?  If so, please contact Hooff Cooksey or Nick Collette of the Obenshain campaign at and  


P.S.  If you will be at the Advance this weekend, there will be special training for recount volunteers.  Please be sure to attend the training sessions.  You don't need to go to the Advance to get training, though.  Just contact Hooff Cooksey or Nick Collette about volunteering and they will make sure you get the training needed.  


E-Z Action Against Liberal Bias in the Media


People complain about liberal bias in the media. 
Here's a chance to strike back - and it's easy.

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is soliciting public comment on whether it should revise its ethics code.  YES IT SHOULD, because SPJ removed the rule against opinion and bias in news stories from its guidelines
some years ago.  Things have gone downhill ever since.

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas made a floor speech on the subject
in the House on October 28th.

The subject was also mentioned in the Media Fairness Caucus newsletter
(the Caucus consists of 40 lawmakers on Capitol Hill).

The video and all the details about this campaign are on the
Alexandria Tea Party website -



Go to SPJ's EZ form (

you don't have to identify yourself) -
Link from Alexandria Tea Party website  


*  *  PLEASE PASS THIS ON !!  *  *


E.W. Jackson Petition Against Obamacare Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

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Upcoming Events


Holodomor Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony 
Commemorating the victims of the Ukranian Famine-Genocide 





Virginia Tea Party Patriots Lobby Day  



January 20, 2014


It's that time again! Let them know  - " We're  still here"


Lobbying   ~  Networking  ~  Lunch and Happy Hour with Legislators


9:30-11:30    Lobby Your Representatives  - Patriots  Hospitality Room

General Assembly Building (GAB), 910 Capitol Square, Richmond VA 23219  (9th & Broad) You will be          required to go through a security check to enter the building. Pick up a "Capitol Connections" 2014 guide to Legislator's office numbers at the information desk in the main lobby. Advance appointments are recommended.  VTPP legislative materials will be available in conference room  7 West at 9:30am. (COFFEE / FOOD - 6th floor cafeteria)


11:00-noon   VCDL Rally at the Bell Tower


12:00 noon   General Assembly session begins

                               Watch live from the Capitol galleries or on closed circuit TV in the General Assembly Building.

                                  Senate:  GAB, Senate room B,  1st  floor    ~    House:   GAB,  House room D, 1st floor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


11:30-2:00    Private Patriots Lunch Buffet.   Legislators will be invited to join us.

                                 We need to know you'll be there!

                                 Pay at the door; Register here:   

                                 $11.95  plus tax and tip ($16)  Gibson's Grill, 700 East Broad ST (7th and Broad)


2:00-5:00      Patriots Happy HourLegislators will be invited to join us.

                                 Gibson's Grill, 700 East Broad ST (7th and Broad)










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