Tuesday, September 17, 2013

VA-ALERT: VCDL-PAC Statewide Endorsements

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VCDL-PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for
Governor, E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor, and Mark Obenshain for Attorney

Collectively, AG Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, and Sen. Obenshain represent
one of the strongest ever pro-second amendment tickets in recent
Virginia history. From Sen. Cuccinelli's and Sen. Obenshain's carrying
and patroning pro-second amendment bills, plus their numerous pro-second
amendment votes while serving in the Virginia Senate, to E.W. Jackson's
unabashed vocal stance for your individual rights, Virginia gun owners
are in excellent shape. That is, if we can win and get them into office.

The good news is, we still have some great friends in these three
candidates. The bad news is, I haven't seen a slate of Democrats more
hostile to law-abiding gun owners since I left the People's Republic of
New Jersey in 1986. With a McAuliffe administration supported
financially by gun grabber Michael Bloomberg, "give me your bullets"
Eric Holder, and turncoat Republicans calling for "common sense gun
control", Virginia gun owners could be facing not just a frustrating
holding period for four years, but an outright disaster in the fight to
preserve our gun rights.

A Lt. Governor Jackson provides Virginia gun owners with the tie
breaking pro-gun vote in a toss up Senate. A Governor Cuccinelli
provides a pro-second amendment signature to gun legislation and is not
afraid to have gun bills come across his desk. Cuccinelli is a fighter
for individual rights and will not stand for back room games like those
that have killed so many pro-second amendment bills over the years. An
Attorney General Obenshain who, like Cuccinelli, is not afraid to carry
a pro-second amendment bill, represents precisely the kind of leadership
gun owners can trust in the Attorney General's office.

I have it on good authority that forces within the Virginia Republican
Party are trying to drive Virginia Republicans "to the center." Make no
mistake, this means throwing gun owners under the bus.

Being attacked by liberal Democrats is nothing new. Weak Republican
Party leadership diluting party principles, combined with a Lt. Governor
Northam breaking tie votes in favor of gun control would be disastrous.
There is only one way to prevent it. We need decisive victories this
November. Not just one, or a few, but a series of them, to show
Virginia Republicans "Hey, principles matter, and I'm standing firm!"
VCDL-PAC is non-partisan, but there is a decided attempt to shift, or
more accurately, abandon stated Republican Party principles in favor of
"pragmatism" and "common sense" gun control. THIS MUST BE STOPPED.


CONTACT the campaigns below and ask their grassroots coordinators what
you can do to help turn out the vote and support the campaigns.

Cuccinelli for Governor: Noah Wall, Grassroots Coordinator,
noah@cuccinelli.com 703-766-0635

Jackson for Lt. Governor: Daniel Bradshaw, Daniel@jacksonforlg.com

Obenshain for Attorney General: Chris Leavitt, Campaign Manager,
chris@markobenshain.com 804-482-0574

Please STEP UP and do what VCDL members do so well in showing their
support all across the Commonwealth when it comes to your gun rights. We
are all really going to need it this time. VCDL members are the
firewall. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a diverse group
of citizens who care about our rights.

DONATE! Needless to say, this aggravates our need for funds. Please
help as best you can. VCDL-PAC needs you to send your contribution of
$5, $500, or more so that we can afford to BLANKET the Commonwealth with
our orange postcards and more, doing our part to turnout the vote and
support our candidates.


VIA PAYPAL: http://www2.vcdl.org/webapps/vcdl/donatepac.html

VIA MOBIPLEDGE: https://mobipledge.mobi/vcdlpac/webpledge/

Make payable to: VCDL-PAC
Mail to: VCDL-PAC
P.O. Box 513
Newington, VA. 22122

When sending a check, please include your full name, address, amount,
date, occupation, employer, and locality and state of employment. We
are required to COLLECT this information, it it is only REPORTED for
contributions over $100.

Hostile Democrats are not enough, now factions of the Republican Party
of Virginia are trying to sink the ship. Let's hit back HARD and send a
clear message this November, just seven weeks away.

Bob Sadtler
Chairman, VCDL-PAC

Authorized by the Chairman, VCDL-PAC, VA 01-042
Paid for by the Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC
NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee

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