Thursday, May 4, 2023

Campaign Update 4 May, 2023

Governor Glenn Youngkin Endorsement click here
Just Two Days to the Convention!
We need you! If everyone shows up, we have enough delegates to win the convention Saturday on the first vote; if that happens everyone could go home early. Please spread the word, carpool, and make sure your friends show up!

Let's win this convention and then let's help Governor Glenn Youngkin and other fellow Republicans un-California Virginia.

We are excited to have received the following endorsements:

  • Governor Glenn Youngkin has endorsed John McGuire for State Senate. click here

  • The Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL), the Virginia pro-life affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee has only endorsed one Republican in Virginia so far: John McGuire for State Senate District 10. click here

  • The Virginia Citizen Defense League (VCDL), Virginia’s premier pro-gun organization, has only endorsed one Republican in Virginia so far: John McGuire, because of my “hard hitting pro-gun legislation”. click here

  • Hanover Sheriff Stuart Cook (Retired) endorsed John McGuire for State Senate. click here

70 Plus Endorsement List Click Here
The Farmville Herald
This Letter to the Editor was printed in the Farmville Herald today. I will share a link in our next email. Thank you, Howard Gregory, for your support, and thank you for your lifetime of service to our country, our Commonwealth and your church!
Re-elect Delegate Buddy Fowler District 59
Delegate Buddy Fowler is working hard to continue fighting for our conservative values in Richmond. We are putting our signs up now. Let us know if you have a good spot for a big sign or a yard sign at
Charlie Luck
Celebrates 100 Years of Luck Stone
I had the honor of attending the Luck Companies 100 Year Celebration here in Goochland County. I have known Charlie Luck IV for over twenty years. Our daughters went to school together and I have observed his emphasis on leadership and community. Soon after I left the Navy SEALs, I met Charlie Luck and he actually let me drive one of those huge dump trucks and a loader at one of his rock quarries. That was fun!

Luck Companies has a people-first perspective that has been embraced by three generations of leaders:
• Charles Luck, Jr. was known for saying, “If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.”
• Charles Luck III, who led the company from 1965-1999, expressed that same belief through the company’s slogan and promise to people: “We care.”
• Charlie Luck IV broadened the scope of the company’s mission by stating, “We will ignite human potential through Values-Based Leadership and positively impact the lives of people around the world.”

It really is amazing how much his company has impacted lives all over Virginia and several other states.

Learn more Click here
National Day of Prayer
It was an honor to attend the National Day of Prayer in Louisa County. Our country will not be saved by an elephant or a donkey, we will be saved by a Lamb!
Campaign Photos
My team and I have been knocking doors in ten counties and I have really enjoyed talking with many of you on the phone and at your home. We have much work to do. Let me know if you need a ride to the convention, because Saturday, May 6 will be here before you know it. I am fighting to protect everyone’s right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. For a ride, email

The following are a few photos from the last two weeks in and around the district!

Convention Updates go to
Just 2 days until May 6! All delegates are asked arrive at Buckingham H.S. on May 6th between 8:30-10am. You must be in line by 10:30am to vote. Arriving early will ensure that you are able to get in to vote before the doors close. Please send an email to if you have any questions.
You will not have to guess how I will vote as your State Senator. I am one of just nine, out of one hundred and forty legislators in the General Assembly, to earn the highest award for conservatism in Virginia, "Conservative Excellence". I have a perfect six-year pro-life voting record, a perfect six-year pro-gun voting record, a 100% Family Foundation score, 100% VCDL score and endorsement, and a 100% NFIB score. Again, you will not have to guess how I will vote. Last year, I was responsible for the largest tax decrease in Virginia history for our veterans, when Governor Youngkin signed my bill, HB 1128.
I'm running for State Senate so we can un-California Virginia. It starts with election integrity. For a better future, we must win back the Virginia State Senate in 2023 and stop the madness. I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. 

I am committed, as your Representative, to adhering to the principal duties of government, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, i.e., the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to serve you in the Virginia House of Delegates. Take care, please spread the word and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
70 Plus Endorsement List Click Here

You can donate online click here or by mail.

If you'd like to donate by mail, please make a check out to "Friends of John McGuire" and send to: Friends of John McGuire P.O. Box 168 Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103

God Bless America,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate D10 in 2023
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
Pro-Life Speech
America 1st
The Spirit of Virginia
Highest Award for Conservatism (ACU/ CPAC)
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100 & Endorsement Speech
NFIB 100
Endorsement List Click Here

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