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KGTP Newsletter - 29 June 2020 - Guest Speaker to discuss ANTIFA

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:
My apologies to everyone for not putting out a Newsletter last week.  My wife and I completed a coast-to-coast road trip via car and then a return trip via train.  I was thus "out of pocket" in the interim.  In doing so, however, I can confirm for everyone that we have exactly what is described in the song America The Beautiful (see  We truly have a God-blessed country that is beautiful from sea to shining sea.

We will meet THIS THURSDAY 2 July for our monthly meeting.  This is definitely a meeting that you are going to want to attend as we will host Dr. Scott Catino who will deliver his presentation titled, ANTIFA: Beyond the Smoke and Broken Mirrors.  Dr. Catino, a member of the Anti-Communist Action Team (ACAT) is a senior adviser and a specialist in U.S. strategic security currently serving as a graduate professor of History and International Security. He served in the United States, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the UAE in various research, supervisory, and advising posts for the United States Government or private security programs.  His research on civil unrest, terrorism, and insurgency has involved field studies in the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, and the U.S.-Mexico border as well as numerous publications in scholarly and industry journals.

His description of Thursday's presentation is this:

"ANTIFA and its associates, partners, and networks have created destruction across the United States while challenging the very foundations of American freedom. Understanding ANTIFA's essential strategies, operations, and tactics is essential for countering their subversive agenda which targets our political system, law enforcement community, social structures (educational, racial, and religious), freedom of speech and media, as well as our economic strengths including attacks on small business owners. Occupied Zones, Black Bloc tactics, Affinity Groups, "armed self-defense," direct action, and dark networks will be critical subjects in this presentation at the King George Tea Party Meeting on Thursday, July 2, 2020."

See the attached flyers at the bottom of this e-mail.  Please feel free to share this e-mail and invite those that you think would be interested in this subject - especially anyone involved with local law enforcement.  We, as a community in King George, must be informed about this threat in order to collaboratively guard against their terrorist actions.  If you didn't think that this kind of threat wouldn't affect us here in our rural portion of Virginia, consider what recently happened…

... in Richmond:

Armed Demonstrators Leave Richmond Mayor With Tough Decision
Virginia cops take revenge on rioters (awesome)…

… and Fredericksburg:

Terrorized Virginia Woman, Being Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob, Told to "Call City Hall" by 911 Operator – Video…

In other news, Daniel Gade successfully won the Virginia Primary and will now run against Democrat Senator Mark Warner for the November election.  Below are the statistics for that race.  Bottom line is that Daniel Gade won EVERY county and town.

Gade     205,685     67.5 %
Baldwin   55,144     18.1 %
Speciale  44,105     14.5 %

Daniel Gade to face Mark Warner. He's worthy of your support.

Quite honestly, now begins the real work in turning Virginia red.  We The People Of Virginia will need to provide **active** support prior to the November election… and if we want Daniel Gade to represent our conservative interests then we will need to support him in that cause.  For us, that means finding and placing road signs, meeting fellow KGC citizens and talking to them about why Daniel is worthy of their vote, and calling fellow citizens and encouraging them to vote and vote for Daniel.  I expect more to follow.

And now… the news.

TEA Party / Nationalism Movement

From the top article below:

"If you have had "enough," I'm asking that you do something. Ask yourself: given my own gifts and my own limitations, how can I contribute? For all of us, this will require some sacrifice. This means you also have to consider what, specifically, you are willing and able to sacrifice. But if you're unwilling to sacrifice anything—if you're unwilling to respond in any way other than casting a ballot—then it doesn't matter what you say: you haven't had enough."

Voting Isn't Enough to Combat the Woke Left

500K Twitter Users Switch to Parler After War With Trump

Washington county sheriff says Americans have right to dissent in face of government orders: 'Don't be a sheep'

WATCH: Orthodox Jews Cut Open Bill de Blasio's Locked Parks

Taxes / Taxed Enough Already

From the top article below:

"Back in California, another threat against Tesla and the state's last auto manufacturing plant is rising: the government's COVID lockdowns have hammered the state budget, going from a surplus to a $54.3 billion shortfall, 46 percent higher than it was at the peak of the Great Recession.  This has led California lawmakers to consider a series of heavy tax increases to close the deficit. On top of that, voters will consider two ballot initiatives this November to hike property taxes on commercial properties up to $12.5 billion annually.  This would increase property taxes in California by 20 percent."

Tesla to Texas -- contrary to expectations, things are getting real

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to Propose Juneteenth as Paid State Holiday


From the top article below:

"Adding school choice to the election talking points and highlighting the administration's stalwart advocacy for it gives the campaign the perfect wedge issue and the perfect foil.  For a wedge issue, according to the group Democrats for Education Reform, the party is split along both racial and generational lines about school choice. ...<Snip>... Trump has also selected an issue with the perfect foil. Namely, America's worst mayor, New York City's Bill de Blasio. To resolve the racial disparities in New York's top public high schools, de Blasio has implemented radical restorative justice policies that have made struggling schools less safe."

President Trump Calls School Choice the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

Gretchen Whitmer: Attempts to Limit Power 'Irresponsible, Dangerous, and Foolish'

Federal Judge Blasts Whitmer's Lockdown Defense

Homeschooling scholar-mom takes on Harvard prof who wants to crack down on homeschooling

Business Licensing Makes It Too Easy for Politicians To Punish People They Don't Like

California Legislature Votes to Allow Discrimination by Race

National Debt / Its the Spending, Stupid!

From the top article below:

"Public media has long been defended. Frequently it's pointed out that public funding for NPR is only about two percent of their federal operating budget, the same excuse we hear when Planned Parenthood pushes back against calls to defund it. Just as frequently, right-leaning outlets seek to point out a clear bias in publicly-funded coverage. But NPR's 'reporting' of Black Lives Matter protests has veered so far from bias and into demagoguery that calls to defund it should be taken more seriously. When I say 'defund', I don't mean in the tortured nuanced way that Democrats and the media use it about the police to mean 'reform'. No reform for NPR. Defund it. Completely."

Yes, it's time to defund NPR


From the top article below:

"If reducing consumers' retail costs has become the all-defining metric, then the maintenance of product and service quality has taken secondary importance in our manufacturing economy. Post-pandemic vulnerabilities have become so apparent in critical supply chains that we cannot evade a comprehensive re-think."

The Case for American-Based Resilient Supply Chains

Chamber of Commerce Fails to Stop Trump's Pro-U.S. Worker Reforms

The Lockdowns Crushed Minority-Owned Businesses the Most - Foundation for Economic Education

53% of Americans now describe their personal finances as excellent or good: Gallup poll

Road to Recovery: Retail Sales and Dow Surge

Patriotism / America First

From the top article below:

"Young Americans' pride is significantly lower than that of older Americans, with the rate of proud Americans more than doubling for Americans between the ages of 30 and 49 years (42 percent). For Americans 50 to 64-years-old, the percentage who said they are proud to be American was 48 percent. Americans 65 and older were most likely to show extreme pride, with 53 percent saying they are proud to be American."

American pride among young Americans at all-time low

Poll: GOP Almost Three Times More Proud of America than Democrats

Nebraska officer seen fixing fallen US flag at auto-repair shop: 'The respect it deserves'

First Amendment / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Religion

From the top article below:

"Another week passed before Cuomo addressed houses of worship. On June 6, he permitted religious gatherings under Phase Two, but restricted them to 25 percent capacity, half that of stores and barbershops.  At the same time, Cuomo and de Blasio have encouraged the mass protests sweeping New York in the wake of George Floyd's death. Answering a question about whether protests should be discouraged, Cuomo said, "No, I think you can protest…you can do many things now as long as you're smart about it." A few minutes later, he thanked protesters for their actions."

Judge Rules New York May Not Enforce Double-Standard Restrictions On Religious Gatherings

Federal judge: Cuomo and de Blasio can't limit the size of outdoor religious services if they didn't care about limiting the size of protests

Nicholls State president declares 'Free speech does not protect hate speech.' Not exactly.

Second Amendment / Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From the top article below:

"Memo to Mayor Stoney and other Virginia politicians: if you really want to "reimagine public safety," then start by imagining a law enforcement agency that isn't empowered to throw people in jail for simply carrying their legally owned gun in a public park or government building. As it stands, local ordinances like the one approved in Alexandria, Virginia this weekend won't do anything to increase public safety, but they will aid the continued erosion in trust between the People and the people in charge."

Virginia Cities Adopting New Gun Control Laws As Northam's Agenda Takes Effect

Watch: Armed Citizen Shoots After Protesters Allegedly Attack

Report: Gun, Ammo Sales Surge amid Push to Defund Police

'People Are Really Scared': George Floyd Unrest, Pandemic Fueling Minnesota Gun Sales Surge

Hawkins: National Reciprocity Needed Amid Nationwide Riots

District Judge Strikes Down Mississippi Mayor's Open Carry Ban

1,000 Black gun owners plan pro-Second Amendment walk in Oklahoma

Fourth Amendment / Right to Privacy

From the top article below:

"Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the law firm representing Lighthouse Fellowship Church, compared the 'society of snitches' anonymous reporting tool to the Nazi's infamous Gestapo.  'Governor Ralph Northam has created a gestapo where residents are encouraged to report neighbors for exercising their First Amendment right to attend a worship service without fear of punishment. The governor is trying to drop his heavy hand on churches with unconstitutional restrictions but supporting protests, demonstrations and riots. Encouraging people to snitch on churchgoers is reprehensible,' Staver said."

Is Northam Turning Virginia Into a 'Society of Snitches?'

Republican Senate bill seeks an end to 'warrant-proof' encryption

Abortion / Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

From the top article below:

"A black immigrant female preacher calls out the hypocrisy on abortion, the epidemic of fatherlessness, and the need for God and she gets called a 'coon' by a BLM activist! That truly sums up the blatant ignorance of a confused and racist movement. Clearly, only some #blacklivesmatter."

Black Preacher: Planned Parenthood #1 Killer of Black Population

Pro-Life Democrat County Official Threatened with Ejection from Party

Tennessee legislature passes 'heartbeat' abortion bill, Gov. Lee to sign

Corruption / Rule of Law

From the top article below:

"Many commentators, myself included, have described the whole 'Donald-Trump-was-a-Russian-Asset' caper as the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. We were ridiculed or condemned by the Left and the NeverTrump fraternity alleged to be on the Right for saying that, but time has proven us right. We were right, too, that this scandal was less a 'hoax,' as it was sometimes called, than an attempted, if slow-motion, coup. It was an attempted coup because it aimed to disrupt the peaceful transition of presidential power from one administration, and one party, to another."

A Coup Against Our Institutions

Bill Barr Scorcher: Effort to Push Trump From Office Closest Thing to Coup Since Lincoln Assassination

Obama and his Gang of Untouchables

Breaking: DOJ reveals discovery of new Strzok notes in Flynn case

Strzok: Obama Directed Flynn Investigation, Biden Raised Logan Act

Appeals court orders judge to dismiss case against Michael Flynn

Stu Evans' Lonely, Failed Quest to Save the FBI From Itself | RealClearInvestigations

Austin City Council Votes Unanimously to Partially Defund Police

Trump's Impact on Courts Cemented As 200th Judge Appointed to Federal Bench

Trump's Monument Executive Order Puts Federal Grants On The Chopping Block For Local Governments That Don't Comply

Acting DHS Deputy Sec'y Cuccinelli: Trump EO Puts Defunding Localities That Won't Enforce Law 'Firmly on the Table'

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Protecting Monuments

Trump authorizes Feds to jail anyone who 'vandalizes or destroys any monument or statue' for up to 10 YEARS

US Marshals to 'immediately prepare' to defend national monuments

National Sovereignty / Border Security / Illegal Alien Invasion

From the top article below:

"DHS created DACA during the Obama administration without any statutory authorization and without going through the requisite rulemaking process. As a result, the program was unlawful from its inception. The majority does not even attempt to explain why a court has the authority to scrutinize an agency's policy reasons for rescinding an unlawful program under the arbitrary and capricious microscope. The decision to countermand an unlawful agency action is clearly reasonable. So long as the agency's determination of illegality is sound, our review should be at an end."

Supreme Court Preserves DACA, Work Permits for 700k Illegal Immigrants

DACA Ruling: Bad Judging on Top of Bad Lawyering, Good for Dreamers but Makes Immigration Reform Harder

Trump Steps In Where Congress Fears to Tread on H-1B Visas

Donald Trump Sets Regulation to End Cheap-Labor H-1Bs

Trump Halts Visa Programs to Free Up 600K U.S. Jobs for Americans

Trump keeps jobs for Americans, stalls chain migration, with new immigration pause

Trump to Close Loophole that Gives 50K U.S. Jobs to Border Crossers

Trump Signs New Border Wall Section In Arizona To Commemorate 200 Miles

Supreme Court Says Federal Courts Cannot Interfere in Deportations

DHS: 95% of Border Crossers Instantly Deported Thanks to CDC Order

Supreme Court permits fast-track removal of asylum seekers

Conservatism / Capitalism

From the top article below:

"The problem to be solved, then, is one of coordination. It's a big problem and not easily solved. If everyone in America who is horrified and outraged by the mobs pulling down statues and smashing storefronts could coordinate to stop all of it, to strip the mob of their power, they would do it in a heartbeat. The madness would stop overnight."

We're In A Cultural Civil War. It's Time For Conservatives To Fight Back

Stand Up, Republicans

The Scholar's Stage: On Cultures That Build

Hillsdale College Stands Strong Against the Outrage Mob

Berkeley Law professor: Trump saving the Constitution, 'his greatest service'

Anarchy / Communism / Socialism / Creeping Socialism

From the top article below:

"'You guys think it can't happen to you, I've heard this so many times,' Rogliani says. 'But always be on guard. Never believe something can't happen to you. You need to guard your country and your society or it will be destroyed.'"

VIDEO: Young Venezuelan Woman Warns America Where Destroying Statues Leads

Cuban Freedom Fighter Warns: Open Your Eyes, America... This Is How It Begins

Tucker Carlson: The real reason mobs across the country are tearing down American monuments

Tucker Carlson warns us that the monument attacks aren't just leftist theater

A chilling warning about where the statue-toppling leads...

Black Lives Matter Is A Radical Marxist Organization

Video surfaces of Black Lives Matter founder saying, 'We are trained Marxists'

Seattle's CHOP Leader Says 'I'm Not Here for Peace' and Reveals 'What Comes Next'

Ex-civil rights activist says Black Lives Matter using 'low-income black America ... to promote insurrection'

Black Lives Matter leader states if US 'doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system'

Newt Gingrich: If liberty and justice for all do not prevail over anger, anarchy, expect this

Why the Right Foresaw the Statues Coming Down - Noah Rothman

'Tyranny Over History And Public Memory': A Historian Explains The Impact Of Mob Destruction Of Statues

Teddy Roosevelt Statue to be Removed from Museum of Natural History

Crews Dismantle John C. Calhoun Statue in Charleston

Philadelphia to remove Christopher Columbus statue following clash between armed men and Black Lives Matter protesters –

Toppling of Grant Statue Shows the Vandals' True Agenda

First, Confederate statues. Now, statues of founders. Next, Jesus. Their real target: America

CPAC Leader Warns That 'Statues of Jesus Are Next'

Shaun King: Topple the 'White Supremacy' of Jesus Statues

Pelosi Removes Former House Speakers Tied to Confederacy

Trump is Right: Democrat-Run Cities Are The Most Dangerous

China Is Behind and Beside Leading Liberal Media Efforts to Destroy President Trump and America

China is on the Ballot in 2020

Daniel Hoffman: China's assault on Texas – this project threatens US national security

The Sovietization Of American Culture

The American Soviet Mentality - Tablet Magazine

Censorship / Social Media Censorship

From the top article below:

"When activists decide that certain words or arguments are 'offensive,' no one must use those words.  '(But) we're supposed to occasionally offend each other," says Soave, "because you might be wrong. We have to have a conversation about it. We have to challenge dogma. What if we were still with the principle that you couldn't speak out against the King?! That's the history of the Middle Ages.'"

The New Censors

British Group Tied To Labour Party Is Trying To Take Down American Conservative Websites

Federalist co-founder blasts 'whiny cry-bullies of the left' after Google forces shutdown of site comments

UK Govt-Linked Group Behind Conservative Website Google Ad Ban

Project Veritas Catches Facebook Employees, Contractors Admitting to Political Censorship

#ExposeFacebook: Project Veritas Reveals Anti-Trump Bias Within Facebook Moderation Teams

Project Veritas Video Shows Facebook Content Moderators Discussing Censoring Conservatives, Reveals 'Exception' Given To Don Lemon For Hate Speech

Hidden Cameras Show Facebook Contractors Bragging About Removing Pro-Trump Content From Platform

Facebook on Project Veritas Video: Comments [made] are 'Not Consistent with our Policies,' 'Reviewing Training and Oversight' | Project Veritas

Facebook slaps warning label on RNC video about 'left-wing anarchists' as platform unveils new policy

Amazon Censors 'Killing Free Speech' Documentary About Censorship

Twitter Censors President Trump (Again) over Warning to Lawless Agitators

Democrats Block Measure to Condemn Riots, 'Defund Police' Movement

HOA Bans Police Chaplain's Thin Blue Line Flag, Calling It a 'White Lives Matter' Symbol

Denial / Deception / Propaganda / Social Engineering

From the top article below:

"There are lots of sane people, regardless of race. What we're seeing now is carefully staged psychological warfare. This is not their first rodeo. They've been doing it around the world for decades.  To conquer a country, you must either (a) destroy the people, (b) destroy their ability to resist, or (c) destroy their will to resist.  Our enemies don't want to destroy us, because they know they need us to do the work. And the Second Amendment impedes them somewhat in destroying our ability to resist.  So they focus on destroying our will to resist. Tearing down our national symbols is part of it, as is gaslighting us into thinking we're the only sane people left."

VIDEO: Smashing Statues Is The Distraction, Something Else Is Going On

Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Tearing Down Monuments Is Healthy Expression

Retrospective: Compare and Contrast How the Media Described 'CHOP' to What Was Really Going on (Video)

VIDEO: CNN, MSNBC Repeatedly Lie, Claim Seattle CHAZ 'Entirely Peaceful'

The Ferguson Lie

Tim Kaine Claims America Invented Slavery: King Tut Responds

Defund the Thought Police

Boy Scouts of America says it supports BLM, will require new 'diversity and inclusion merit badge' to become Eagle Scout

California Democrats pass resolution calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed

AP Changes Style Guide to Capitalize 'B' in 'Black'

The media races to capitalize 'B' for Black, keep 'w' for whites lowercase

Is the Updated Associated Press Style Guide Racist?

Liberal Media Sure Are Obsessed With Villifying #Parler As Alternative To Twitter

The Good News About COVID-19 the Corporate Media Keeps Hidden

Media Ignores 90% Coronavirus Death Collapse In Country

Pollak: After TikTok, 2020 Election Is About China

Democratic 'Dirty Tricks' Sabotage Trump Tulsa Rally

Newt Gingrich: China's secret campaign to spy on US and buy influence is exposed

Congress Targets Social Media Companies for Circulating Chinese Propaganda

Trump Admin Shuts Down Radio Station Run by Chinese Propaganda Outlet Phoenix TV

Attacks Against Conservatives

From the top article below:

"The level of coordination in these attacks by the woke mob at the local level, up to and including a national smear campaign, indicates an escalation of the witch trial tactics. These activists don't want dialogue. They wish only to shame and intimidate people out of office if they don't toe the woke mob line and support all aspects of the social justice movement. These mobs have been common in large cities. Now, conservative small-town America, they're coming for you, too."

Beware The Woke Mob Is Targeting You Next Small Town America

Two Black Conservative Women Speak Out about the Democratic Party

Liberals Launch Racist Attacks on Senator Tim Scott

'How long it goes on, I don't know. I'm certainly not going to quit.'

Facebook Insider Ryan Hartwig: The Company Allowed Users to Demonize Whites, Men, Cops

Report: Google Financially Blacklists ZeroHedge, Threatens the Federalist over Comment Sections

Google bans website ZeroHedge from its ad platform over comments on protest articles

Amazon Blocks Conservative Family Research Council from 'Smile' Charity Program

Conservative students harassed after administrators give out their contact info

Elections / Vote Integrity

From the top article below:

"Demands by Democrats included making absentee voting universal, prohibiting "identification to obtain an absentee ballot," allowing "another person" to drop off unlimited absentee ballots, ensuring provisional ballots are always counted (rendering them no longer "provisional"), and providing "blank" (no printed name) absentee ballots to citizens and military overseas. These changes would destroy the nation's ability to maintain voting security and individual preferences of voters.  Unsuccessful in achieving these changes through Congress, the left simply moved their efforts to states where they are quickly moving to change the security of American elections forever."

If You Can Go to the Grocery Store, You Can Go to the Polls

Obama Soliciting Funding for Vote-by-Mail Effort

George Soros's Open Society Foundations Part of $59M Mail-In Voting Effort to Help Left

Fraud In NJ Special Election Proves Mail-In Ballots Are Ripe For Abuse

Four men charged with voter fraud after 800 ballots are discounted in New Jersey special election

NJ City Officials Charged After 1 In 5 Mail-In Ballots Found To Be Fraudulent In Election

Voter Suppression? Hundreds Of NJ Republicans Receive Ballots With Only Democrat Candidates

WATCH: US Postal Worker Caught on Video Throwing Stack of GOP Congressional Candidate Campaign Mailers in Dumpster


The Boy on the Beach - Omaha Beach 2014

The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis

Thousands of boaters rally for Trump in North Carolina parade

As always, please feel free to ping on me with your questions or comments.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

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