Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The "I" is for Integrity

Robert --

Governor Ralph Northram and Democrat leaders in the Virginia General Assembly want to make it easier for individuals to commit voter fraud here in Virginia.  He announced Monday that he would support repeal of the Virginia Voter ID laws that require voters to show a valid, government issued, photo ID to vote. 

This is not good for the Commonwealth.

Listen here to Virginia First Foundation President, James Atticus Bowden as he discusses this issue. 

Voter ID laws protect the integrity of the voting process and ensure that voters are who they say they are. Everyone knows that a photo ID is a reasonable check. Voter ID is required for banking, employment, air travel, and more for the safety and protection of others. Voting should not be any different. 

Call the Governor's office and tell him to keep Voter ID laws in place to uphold the integrity of our election process. 804.786.2211

Want to help us ensure that voter ID laws stay in place? Consider donating today!

With your help financially and your phone calls to legislators, we can stop repeals of needed Voter ID laws. 


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The Virginia First Foundation Team 


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