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Check out the video of the week! State Director's Corner- CTA- June 13 Primary 

The State Director's Corner-  May 29, 2017

Good morning Patriots!

It's Memorial Day and as we remember the sacrifices made by our fallen soldiers for the cause of freedom, I ask that you resolve in your hearts to do everything you must to impact our country for liberty.
Our most basic duty as a citizen is to participate in the election of our officials as an informed voter. Please review the website to see which candidates are up for the June 13 primary election and your polling place.

Also, the primaries offer an opportunity to get out, make friends and spread the message of self-governance through an Article V Amendment Proposing Convention of States. Many concerned, informed citizens will show up to polling places across the commonwealth. We at the cosaction website have petitions you can print and other great handouts at that site as well. Our country needs us to unite for the purpose of imposing fiscal restraint and limits on the federal government and to place term limits on federal officials. To do this we must educate and influence our State Legislators. I have recorded a short video with some tips on reaching people on Election Day.  

We are now up to 12 states who have called for a Convention of States to rein in federal overreach! Missouri just passed its resolution! We need Virginia to join with these liberty-loving states!  It's going to take action from you to get it done. 

The Founders would not be surprised by these abuses, but they would be shocked that we have tolerated them so long. They would demand an accounting for the gift of liberty that they fought and died to give us. And when we tried to blame Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, they would shake their heads. "We gave you Article V", they would say, "We gave you the power the power to stop tyranny." Michael Farris

Get involved: We need leaders to step up now! Be a leader! We are currently seeking media liaisons, coalitions directors, legislative liaisons, and tech managers at the regional level. (Note: The job descriptions at the link above show "state" level positions, but we will put you in the regional level.) we are also recruiting folks to join the Follow Up Team, Chat Team, QRT and Social Media Warriors.  We are also looking for people to meet with and call their State Legislator, recruit volunteers by forming their own local groups, help with events across the state, write letters to the editor and much more. There is something for everyone to do!

What are we all about? Building the most effective grassroots organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia that will join with others states to restore the sovereignty of the people by educating and influencing the General Assembly of Virginia to pass our COS resolution to invoke Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Then, influence the legislators to select delegates to the convention, and ratify the amendments.

Saturday at 11:00 AM EST- COS and Social Media: RSVP here.
Sunday at 8:00 PM EDT - Weekly BattleCry with Mark Meckler. RSVP here. 
Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST - Intro to Convention of States. RSVP here.
Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST - National DC and Volunteer Call. RSVP here.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: June 13 Primary!
"How to" guide on using the opportunity the primaries give us to build our organization. Watch the video here.

COS VA in the News:
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For Liberty!

Chris Walker
COS VA State Director

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