Sunday, February 5, 2017

Complimentary eBooks and Need Your Help to Survive

Complimentary eBooks and Need Your Help to Survive
Complimentary eBooks Below, Help the Virginia Free Citizen Today!  
(Note: We continue to provide timely updates on the activities of the General Assembly, stay tuned)  
(Important and complimentary eBooks at end and they won't cost you a dime and supremely valued and you won't find them at your local library--you need to forward this to everyone you know)

It has truly been a phenomenal few months!
Ever since Election Day we have all been floating on air.  We did it!  We stopped the downward spiral into that globalist, progressive hell-hole we all feared.
And in these past few months and especially during President Trump’s (isn’t it great saying that - “President Trump”) first week in office we see what can be done when one man puts his mind to it and actually keeps his promises.  
But we have seen something else as well – temper tantrums from the Left, bordering on a collective nervous breakdown.  The hive mind of the Left is now stripped naked for all the world to plainly see. 
Yes, we won the White House.  But do not underestimate the Left!  They will say and do anything to stop us!  They will resort to all kinds of violent and disruptive acts, they will lie to you and present false news stories as the truth and they will engage in the most vulgar behavior in public.  Just look at the so-called Women’s March on DC this past week in which all the clear hatred for conservative and vile nature of the Left were on display.
And it’s only going to get worse from here on in.  Please help us defend our website from ever increasing attacks and attempts to shut us down.  Help us continue to bring you the real news, absent ideological filtering.
We are also looking for co-management support for the website in content creation, curation and citizen journalism.  No website coding or technical skills needed.  If you can use MS Word and write, you can contact me directly about being a part of the Virginia Free Citizen.  Give me a call. 
Jeff Bayard: 804-869-4485 
Virginia Free Citizen Watch

(We only have $26.00 and need $300.00 for February
Do you Own a Business?  Put a banner on our site, call me for info)

Complimentary eBooks:
I recommend you go to the Center for Security Policy Page on this one, you will be glad you did.
Jihad: Understanding the Threat of the Islamic State in America (New!) (PDF download)

Refugee Resettlement And The Hijra To America (PDF download)
by Ann Corcoran

The Red-Green Axis (PDF Download)
Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America 
by James Simpson

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