Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fellow Virginians our children's safety is in jeopardy!

Robert --

Once again the social engineers of the Left decided to use our families as political lab rats by insisting that gender uncertain male students and others will be able to shower with our daughters and share their locker rooms in our public schools.

In May, President Obama, through unconstitutional executive power, sent a letter to schools in which he uses Title IX Federal Education funding to threaten schools. They violate the privacy rights of our students by creating situations where students identifying as a gender other than their biological
gender are given access to showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, and sharing rooms on overnight school sponsored trips. In other words, disrupt and actually create sex crimes against the over 99% majority, to accommodate the demands of a very few. The government is putting your kids safety and security at risk.

I don't know about you, but as a parent I cannot accept the idea of a 17 year old boy gaining access to my 13 year old daughter's locker room or shower.

Upon the issuance of this letter some school boards took action but many others are waiting on guidance from our legislators in Richmond. On behalf of families across the Commonwealth, Delegate Bob Marshall filed the Physical Privacy Act or HB 1612. This bill helps schools and other public institutions accommodate students with gender identity issues. More importantly, this bill will ensure the privacy and security of our sons and daughters in their school locker rooms and on overnight school trips.

The Physical Privacy Act, HB 1612, is a commonsense piece of legislation designed to protect the safety and privacy of our children in their schools and all of our citizens in bathrooms in public buildings.

This bill has just been assigned to the General Laws Committee in Virginia's House of Delegates (insert link to the committee). HB 1612 will further be assigned to a sub-committee of the General Laws Committee, where such legislation is often sent to be killed.

As the Left continues to advance their radical social agenda and threaten the safety and security of our children and families we parents cannot afford to let our legislators duck their duties and fail to act. The time for action is NOW. We need YOU to call and email your member of the House of Delegates, the Speaker of the House- Bill Howell, and the members of the General Laws Committee TODAY.

Failure to act on this critical piece of legislation will leave your children and mine vulnerable to the social experimentation of leftist militant zealots who seek to impose their agenda on our families.

This issue is about the safety and security of our children and their well being.

We must act NOW!

Please contact members of the General Laws Committee (Click here for a list of all the members)



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