Thursday, November 6, 2014

Join Me, Thank Suzanne


In 2009, Bob McDonnell won a majority in the precincts of the current 11th congressional district. Three years later, Chris Perkins lost the seat by 26%. In 2013, Ken Cuccinelli lost the same precincts by nearly 30%. That's a 30% shift in four years.

The leftward voter shift in the 11th district was swift and steady, forcing many of us to lose hope in Republicans ever winning again in Northern Virginia.

Suzanne Scholte may not have won last night--but her dynamic and unprecedented coalitions efforts to engage diverse NOVA communities closed the gap to 16%.

Suzanne almost slashed the gap in half--and that was only in a short 11 month campaign. And, with no national funding, she was outspent 5-1.

Taking back Northern Virginia will be a long-term project, and Suzanne's inspiring campaign laid down the groundwork for future victories down-ticket and statewide. She has given me hope.

Suzanne gave everything she could for the good of our Party and our Country--even loaning the campaign her own money.

To show my gratitude, I plan to donate $100 to retire her campaign debt and thank her for her service to our cause. I ask you to consider matching my donation, or offering whatever you can--even $10.

Let's send her a big THANK YOU --and help encourage her to stay involved in dramatically growing our movement.

In Liberty, 
Ron Meyer

P.S. I know these campaigns take a personal and financial toll. Let's lighten Suzanne's burden, and donate to help retire her debt.  
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