Thursday, December 9, 2021

A Marathon with Hills Ahead ...

Dear Friend of TJI,
Will you join us in a victory lap?
Yesterday, Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin announced his intention to withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – a “Green New Deal” program that has already raised energy costs on Virginia consumers by $228 million.
Senior Fellow Steve Haner has the story here. He’s been warning about RGGI since 2017, in a multitude of publications.
So, for the Thomas Jefferson Institute, withdrawal from RGGI is a victory. So, too, was November’s death of the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), which Steve also warned about and about which we produced this video, warning 30,000 rural Virginians about higher gasoline prices.
Would Glenn Youngkin have pulled out of RGGI without the Thomas Jefferson Institute’s work to educate the public? Knowing Youngkin’s principles, the answer is yes.
But if you believe this is over, you would be mistaken. 
The victory lap is only temporary … there are hills ahead in this marathon.
Because it is a regulation, withdrawing from RGGI will take time, and the Left has already come out slugging against it. They are going to fight this out in the General Assembly and they are going to fight in the regulatory boards.
This is precisely why the Thomas Jefferson Institute exists: To make the public case and build public support for good policies.  Creating policy is no longer a game of “inside baseball.” Support must be built with the public.
You and I won against TCI even with Ralph Northam as Governor because the Jefferson Institute ran polling, commissioned an economic study created and promoted a video viewed by more than 30,000 Virginians, devoted sessions at our Energy conference (here), ran dozens more newspaper commentaries and much, much more. That project alone cost $53,300. 
We’re gearing up for this battle, too. 
So I ask that you consider joining the fight by making a tax-deductible investment in the Thomas Jefferson Institute today by clicking here. 
Your investment today in good policy will pay tremendous dividends in the future. Let's get in the fight to win.

Chris Braunlich
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