Tuesday, July 20, 2021

they seem to hate America


The Left is in an all out sprint to expand their control of Washington, D.C. in the 2022 Midterm Elections. Their mission? Grow the slim Democrat majority in the House giving Nancy Pelosi full reign and get a 60+ filibuster proof majority in the Senate.

I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you...that would be devastating.

Radicals like AOC and Congresswoman Cori Bush would push Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to govern, not from the center, but the far Left.

Their goals are clear. And if they get their way...
  • They will repeal the Hyde Amendment and force every American taxpayer to fund abortions. 
  • Stack the Supreme Court to have a solid majority of liberal Justices to ensure Roe v. Wade is never reversed.
  • Force every state to drop all common-sense requirements like showing an ID before voting to ensure election integrity.

Robert, they're not even hiding it anymore. They seem to hate our country, and they are seeking a radical transformation.

Consider this tweet that U.S. Representative Cori Bush wrote on Independence Day: 

We have to stop this.

And the good news is we can.

At the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we're recruiting, training, and preparing to support dozens of Black Republicans in winnable elections in the 2022 national midterm elections. 

So, can you chip in $220, $22, or anything you can give to help us fully fund our 2022 Black Republican War Chest? Every dollar you can give will help us identify more qualified and exceptional candidates like the handful I've pasted below that we're already supporting. 

In addition, you'll be helping us fund all of our 2022 door knocking efforts as we're training our volunteers right now to knock on more doors than ever before.

While I know it's not quite 2022 yet,  I need your support right now as I must meet several key fundraising deadlines in order to know we're meeting our goals to train up and support more candidates than ever before. 

If I fail to reach these financial deadlines, my team knows we'll have to re-assess and reduce the number of Black Republican candidates we can train, equip, and help in 2022. And this could mean the Democrats take total control of Washington, D.C. come January 2023.

So, Robert, please give what you can.

For Him,

Rev. Dean Nelson
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation

P.S. - By supporting our mission at the Frederick Douglass Foundation, you'll help us to fully fund our 2022 Republican War Chest. Thank you!

MEET SOME OF OUR 2021 & 2022


Quincy McKnight:  Running for the U.S. House in Tennessee's 5th Congressional District against an AOC-supported Democrat opponent,  Quincy knows he has a tough battle before him. However, he's had to overcome so much in his life so far, including growing up in the foster care system. But he's a successful founder of an online payment company, so I know he's up for the challenge. When he wins this seat, he'll be the first Black man to represent his district in the House of Representatives.

Winsome Sears: A retired Marine and former Virginia state Delegate, is making national headlines as the Republican candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor and our volunteers at FDF are preparing for our fall door knocking efforts in this off-year election. 

Andrew Jones: Running against radical U.S. Congresswoman Cori Bush, Andrew knows he must hold Rep. Bush accountable for her out-of-touch votes in D.C. back home in St. Louis. 

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