Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Fwd: Governor blackface releases hundreds of convicted murders, rapist and other felons into our communities this March

Our  Senator in the General Assembly Ghazala Hashmi , voted to release up to 4000 convicted felons from jail!!!! Among these are murderers ,rapists, burglars, thieves and sex offenders. If you have a Democrat senator or house member in the General Assembly they no doubt voted with governor Northam .

Call  Governor Black face's office and senator Hashmi , and ask what conceivable ,possible reason they would have to infest our communities with these dangerous people.
Gov office: 786-0000
Hashmi: 698-7510

 Demand an explanation as to why any sane individual would want to have convicted murderers and rapist released into our communities!!!!!!!!!

  These Soros funded excrement do not do the will of the people , but the will of the radical leftist that pay for their campaigns. There is no other reason for this action than to create chaos in our communities and more dependence on government.

We will lose our liberties,  if we do not stand up hard against these Marxist inspired, power hungry globalist puppets.

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