Sunday, November 24, 2019

PRIORITY - Second Amendment Sanctuary County Designation - Middlesex County Republican Committee

Dear MCRC Members and Friends of MCRC,
Attached is a draft Resolution to designate Middlesex County a 2A (Second Amendment) Sanctuary County. I will present this resolution in behalf of MCRC to the Middlesex County Board of Supervisors at their meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 3.
This action is in response to multiple proposals that are part of the Democrats' wish list of prefiled bills for the 2020 General Assembly.  Specifically, to the bills that, if signed into law, would make anyone housing a firearm a FELON.  I can go down a list of what would be required, but first and foremost would be surrender of firearms to the government.
As Republicans, we know such a measure to disarm U.S. citizens is in violation of the United States Constitution.  We also know this has been tested with the United States Supreme Court.  If the Democrats in Virginia successfully move this forward, it appears it may be court-tested again.  Recognizing the political climate, nothing is beyond potential.  Which is why you are receiving this CALL TO ACTION.
Time is of the essence--it is crucial.  You need to call or email your own district supervisor. Tell them you want Middlesex County designated a 2A Sanctuary County.  This is vitally important...they must hear from their own constituents ahead of the BOS meeting.  And, they need to hear in numbers! 
Please contact your local supervisor immediately and ask for their support to designate Middlesex County a Sanctuary County for the Second Amendment. 
Chip Holt = 804-704-0560 or
Wayne Jessie = 804-854-9340 or 
Pete Mansfield =  804-758-5335 or 
Kathy Swinehart = 804-358-5656 or
John Koontz = 804-564-8852 or or
Our actions are vitally important to help ensure our Second Amendment Rights, to keep Middlesex County from enforcing laws that are unconstitutional and to help avoid costly and time-consuming court appearances. 
Many, many counties in Virginia are doing exactly as we are.  Some have already adopted the resolution and others have it on their December agendas.  Are you a hunter?  Do you enjoy shooting sports?  Are you concerned about personal defense?  All will be impacted if this Democrat tide is not turned back.
Please plan to attend the December 3 BOS meeting which begins at 3:00 p.m. I will present during Public Comment which will begin at approximately 3:10.  The matter will be discussed by the BOS later in the meeting (it is already on their agenda). 
Thank you--ahead of time--for responding to this CALL TO ACTION!!
Trudy Feigum
MCRC Chairman

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