Wednesday, October 10, 2018

North Carolina: We deserve fair and equal representation

The time is now to elect fair-minded justices, like Anita Earls, to the North Carolina Supreme Court.
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Pete --

For years, the North Carolina General Assembly has denied North Carolinians their right to equal representation.

In 2016, the state's racially gerrymandered legislative districts were ruled to be unconstitutional, and in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. But Republicans in the General Assembly have remained dead-set on rigging maps in their favor. The same year, those state legislators turned around and drew Congressional districts that would guarantee their partisan advantage; they justified their actions by explaining that this ploy simply had political, and not racial, motivations.

Recently, the courts ruled those partisan maps unconstitutional, too. In both cases, civil rights attorney Anita Earls helped deliver victories for equal representation.

And on November 6, we can elect Anita Earls to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Earls has been a champion for justice and fairness throughout her career -- and she will continue that legacy if elected.

Having already litigated two landmark victories for fair maps in North Carolina, it is clear that Earls will continue to protect the civil and political rights of all North Carolinians, if elected to the state's Supreme Court.

North Carolinians deserve justices and legislators who will protect voting rights for all.

Join the redistricting fight, and help elect Anita Earls and other fair-minded candidates in North Carolina:




Dana Mayber
Campaigns Director
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