Monday, October 16, 2017

Who is speaking out on Privacy Rights issues?


Virginia's 2017 Governor's Election:
Political Temerity on Transgender/Privacy Rights Issues

The Virginia First Foundation led the support early this year for Del. Bob Marshall's bill, The Physical Privacy Act, to keep the Commonwealth of Virginia sane, safe and the same. The bill, which kept the legal status quo, was killed in committee by Republicans.

The Virginia First Foundation's goal is to educate on the issues and our position doesn't support a particular candidate. Neither candidate has a public statement in accordance with our view of how to improve safety, security and civility in Virginia when it comes to privacy rights.

The very term "Transgender" is a made-up, make believe, political identity ploy that has no basis in proven science and medicine. There are only two genders in humans-male and female. A person who thinks they are a different gender than that written in the chromosomes of every cell in their body – is mentally ill suffering from gender dysphoria.

Any politician who supports "Transgender rights" is creating a protected class of persons with special rights and privileges – including access to opposite sex private places. These politicians legitimize insanity and create a threatening, hostile invasion of women and girls' intimate privacy. It's an opportunity for bad boys and perverts to act badly – putting boys in the girls' locker room and men in the girls' bathroom – and the state must support it, pay for it and honor it.

Furthermore, after the government invents new genders it will use its police powers to squelch the free speech rights – and the actual truth – criticizing such folly from sane citizens, parents, teachers, and all government employees.

Any politician who supports 133 cities and counties in Virginia deciding locally is as foolish or as much a miscreant as a whole hog transgender political supporter. Cities, counties and their school boards don't have the right to create genders. They don't have the right to make up science and medicine. They don't have the right to create special protected classes of persons. They don't have the right to force trigger events for abused women and girls in their private places. They don't have the right to divide the Commonwealth of Virginia into sane and insane zones of gender reality.

Any elected Virginia official who votes against, or works to kill in committee, commonsense legislation preventing cities, counties and school boards from usurping powers and imposing Politically Correctness on Virginians demonstrates malice against what is normal and right, ignorance of science and medicine, and/or cowardice of criticism from the Left.

The Virginia First Foundation will continue to support the Privacy Rights of Virginians and will hold all elected officials accountable for their actions, whether they be open voting on the floor of the legislature, or in dark committee rooms cloaked in secrecy hidden by the unrecorded voice vote.

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