Monday, September 11, 2017

Watch the Video Interview Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Hate

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May God help those impacted by Hurricane Irma and Harvey, and other natural disasters!

My latest Daily Caller “leader” video interview is with Ken Cuccinelli, the president of Senate Conservatives Fund.

Ken is a friend of mine, with whom I have attended church. I respect him enormously. He is now a CNN commentator – which is like being thrown to lions, yet, as in this interview, he is a superb, fearless and principled communicator!

Listen to Cuccinelli, the former Virginia Attorney General, here as he:
  • Explains the possible price of massive broken promises by congressional Republicans;
  • Hints at why President Donald Trump chose a three-month Democrat deal over an 18-month deal by the Republican leadership, who were unavailable when the White House asked for time to strategize in August;
  • The states to watch for Senate races in 2018, and
  • What too few noticed about Charlottesville, and more.

Last interview: Myron Ebell’s video can still be seen here. A Sept. 5 Washington Post hit piece, which could have been written byradical environmentalists, on Ebell garnered the following response from CEI. He addressed who CEI is up against every day, non-profits with millions of dollars in comparison to CEI’s.

Next weekJohn McLaughlin of McLaughlin and Associates polling, who completed some polling that McConnell, Paul Ryan and weak-kneed Republicans will not like. See articles here and here.



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