Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Fellow VPCCC Delegates: Please see Fred's email – Makes good sense.
Fred: Thanks and Good Luck!!!!
From: Fred Fann
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2016 10:05 AM


I've been working on this bill for a while and looks like we are close to getting it sponsored by Kirk Cox, who will be Speaker of the House in January.

Could you please copy and paste the below message to fellow car hobbyists and hopefully they will email the simple message.

Thanks a million, Fred



Dear fellow hobbyist,

The Car Club Council of Central Virginia has decided to pursue a change in the state exhaust law to allow pre-1975 vehicles to use aftermarket exhaust parts which are illegal under current law.

You cannot have any exhaust part that makes the exhaust louder than factory. We have met with the State Police who are opposed to this change. Under current law:

Conversion from single to dual exhaust is illegal

Headers are illegal

Aftermarket exhaust parts including mufflers are illegal if they are not exactly like factory stock parts and/or emit any noise louder than the factory exhaust system


Two years ago the law was updated to allow pre-1950 vehicles to use aftermarket parts as long as the exhaust system is intact and functions properly. We need the same for pre-1975 vehicles built before catalytic converters and other emissions equipment. I have met with my delegate's legislative aide, I and Greg Lucyk have met with the State Police and now I need your help to persuade Delegate Kirk Cox to sponsor this legislation. All you need to do is send an email. I have a web page with additional info at http://vaacc.org/exhaust/

This page will be updated whenever something changes. But I need you to send an email to Delegate Cox today and not later – if he is your delegate be sure to let him know. Also please ask other hobbyists and club members to send the simple email below.


Send to DelKCox@house.virginia.gov

Subject: Please Sponsor Antique Vehicle Exhaust Bill

Dear Delegate Cox,

Please sponsor legislation to change the current exhaust law from "any antique motor vehicle manufactured prior to 1950" to "manufactured prior to 1975". I am an antique car hobbyist and I would like the law updated.


That's all you have to do - be sure to type your name and you may include your address and phone number if you wish plus anything else you'd like to add that you think will help the delegate to decide to sponsor the bill. This is all that is needed to help! Thanks for helping with this!


Any questions email or see the web page http://vaacc.org/exhaust/


Fred Fann, president CCCCVA


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