Saturday, November 5, 2016

Crunch Time ** Immediate Action Required**

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Robert --

Time is short. DC is broken. The states must rise up to restore limited government in Washington D.C. We need your help us with our objective: Pass HJR 3 and HB 1328 in the Virginia General Assembly!

 We at the Convention of States are grateful to patriots like you and others who are willing to stand and fight to save this great country. As a Citizen Volunteer, I am doing everything I can to get the Virginia legislature to pass a Resolution for a Convention of States (HJR 3) that will draft needed proposals for amendments to the U.S. Constitution that will curtail the power of the DC establishment, along with companion legislation to limit the authority of the commissioners to the convention (HB 1328) but we need your help. As you may already know, we have passed our resolution in the House (Virginia General Assembly), but we still need to pass it in the Senate.

 Below you will find details and examples for what we need you to do.

 I need 10 minutes per day from you for the next month.

 I am asking for you to call and email your senator and then..... every day during the month of November, get a friend or family member or coworker to do likewise.

 Here's a link to House Joint Resolution 3  calling for a Convention of States that limits the Federal Government's power and jurisdiction, limits terms of office and imposes fiscal restraints (such as a balanced budget) and HB 1328  to limit the authority of the commissioners to the convention.

Find your senator

Here is a sample email you can send to your senator. 

Here is a sample phone script when calling your senator.

Or you can use :

"Senator _________,

My name is _________. I live at _______________ in your district and I am very concerned about the federal government's overreach. 

I am calling you to let you know that I want you to vote YES for HJR 3, the call for a convention of states to propose amendments to the constitution that would impose fiscal restraint on the federal government, impose term limits on federal officials and impose limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. 

Please call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx and let me know you will be supporting this resolution. Thank you very much!"

Ask your friends and family to go to to learn more about our cause and sign the petition.

Another idea: Go to your polling place on election day. (Follow all election law.) Provide handouts to voters after they have voted (don't bother them on the way in to vote) and ask that they call their senator. Have the phone script above handy and fill out the senator's name and phone number so they can call on the spot. Print materials are available here  

If you would like to get more involved, please consider joining our team by volunteering for our State Follow Up Team or becoming a District Captain.

We have over 2700 people in Virginia that have volunteered, but we need more leaders. Please consider stepping up!

 Please sign up to receive important CALL-TO-ACTION text alerts on your mobile phone. Send this text: "COSVA" (leave off the quotes) to the number: 68398. 

In Liberty, 

Leaders Virginia
Citizen Volunteer
Convention of States Virginia



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