Thursday, September 22, 2016

Breaking – Court Hears Democratic Challenge to Voter Fraud Law

Rob Bell for Attorney General

Dear Robert,

This morning in Richmond, a federal appeals court heard the George Soros-funded challenge Virginia's voter photo ID law.  

The Democratic lawyer asked the Court to strike down the law as a burden on certain voters.  However, our lawyers emphasized that Virginia's law was different from laws that had been overturned because Virginia's requires registrars to give a photo ID to anyone who needs one – absolutely free.  The only real "burden" for a voter in obtaining a photo ID is asking for it.

The Democrats' real purpose became clear when Judge Shedd asked their lawyer how the law could be fixed.  Despite being asked again and again, the lawyer refused to agree to any circumstances where he would accept a photo ID law in Virginia.  In short, the issue is not with our current law, but to ensure that Virginia never be allowed to require a photo ID for voting.

I have long supported the photo ID requirement.  In competitive states like Virginia, every vote counts, and a photo ID helps ensure that this happens.  (Of course, a photo ID is required for plenty of activities that are much less important than elections – I had to show my photo ID to enter the courthouse today.)

As predicted, Attorney General Mark Herring was nowhere to be seen, having refused to defend Virginia in court. We had to pay lawyers $500,000 in taxpayer money to do the job Herring was elected to do. 

A ruling on the case is expected shortly.  In the meantime, if you support photo ID, please sign our petition by clicking here.


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