Monday, May 2, 2016

RE: DRUDGED YESTERDAY: Cuban-American Warns America is Losing its Liberties

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Happy Monday!

My latest interview was with Agustin Blazquez, a Cuban-born American who thinks Americans should "WAKE UP."

Most Cubans never thought their country was moving towards a communist dictatorship because non-threatening words were used to lull the population to sleep. But Agustin sees the same tactics at work in America.

I interviewed him because he was featured at the beginning of Curtis Bower's "Agenda 2" documentary.  A filmmaker himself, Agustin went through a series of topics, including:

  • Why he is worried about America right now
  • What he thought about President Barack Obama's trip to Cuba
  • His reaction to American youth supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders and socialism, and more!

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
Agustin Blazquez


For more on Agustin Blazquez, subscribe to his YouTube channel or watch his 2012 documentary on Obama called "Connecting the Dots".

Last InterviewYou can still watch Americans for Limited Government's President Rick Manning's video interview discussing Obama's three biggest power grabs.

Next WeekHeather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute and author, War on Cops

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P.S. It was my pleasure to be elected this weekend at the Virginia State Republican Convention as a national at-large delegate to Cleveland for Ted Cruz! Very humbling!

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