Thursday, December 17, 2015

Governor McA's "emergency" gun ban: unconstitutional and unwise

The Governor has an "emergency" state-agency gun ban in place.  That emergency ban runs out in 18 months.  What will follow it is a permanent gun ban.
The permanent gun ban is being done following the normal method - it is listed in the Regulatory Town Hall website, and is required to get comments from the public for about six weeks.  I am told that if we can provide an overwhelming number of comments providing good reasons for the regulation not to be implemented, we stand a chance of stopping the regulation, especially if the press picks up on the issue and runs with it.
Simply urging the Governor to drop the idea is a waste of time, as he has already made up his mind.  We want to get the attention of the press and others.
With a huge negative response, the Governor cannot point to the Regulatory Town Hall and say that no one responded because they agree with what he is doing! Some of us have tried to call or email and gotten no response.
Unlike letters and email sent to the Governor, which he can hide from disclosure by placing them in his "Governor's working papers," your comments in the Regulatory Town Hall are public and visible to all.
If at least 25 of us also request that the comment period be extended, it will get another 30 days added to the cut-off date (currently January 27th).
Here is the link where you can enter your comments:
Click "Enter a comment"
Fill in your name, email address.
Suggested Subject/Title:  Something like "This regulation is dangerous to public safety," or "Why deny Virginia citizens right to self-defense?" or "Government buildings are targets of terrorism, why make it easier for terrorists to succeed?"  Whatever title you decide on, make sure it is clear by just reading the title that you oppose the regulation.  Don't depend on someone reading your message to figure out your position.
Suggested message:
This proposed regulation will have the opposite of the intended affect by playing into the hands of terrorists, violent criminals, and the criminally insane.  We have had no shootings in state agencies and this prohibition on those with a concealed handgun permit, some of whom have active and ongoing threats to their lives, is entirely without any justification and needlessly and recklessly endangers innocent lives.
Disarming good citizens (who are the only ones likely to obey the prohibition) does not make them safer.
The Governor has no authority for this regulation.  If the General Assembly wanted the Governor to have such power, they would have granted it to him explicitly, as is required constitutionally.
This proposed regulation is a solution for which there is no problem.  It endangers state employees, law abiding citizens, and the innocent by making state buildings a safe zone for terrorists, criminals, and the criminally insane to conduct their evil and savage actions.
This regulations should not be approved and the emergency regulation withdrawn.
Please extended the comment period for another 30 days.
I encourage you to customize the message, including adding your own talking points.  Some points you might wish to integrate (you don't need to do all of them):
* All but two of the public massacres since 1950 had been committed by criminals and terrorists in "gun-free zones," which is exactly what this regulation creates
* Off-duty police officers are also prevented from carrying
* Bans in rest stops send a very uninviting message to, and endanger the lives of, interstate travelers
* The cost of providing additional security to protect everyone who has been disarmed by this regulation will be prohibitive
* The ban won't hold up in court, due to lack of authority by the Governor
* If parking lots are included in the ban, then citizens will be disarmed to and from their residences and everywhere in between
WE NEED TO CREATE A MASSIVE RESPONSE!  Cross post this to your friends, family members, fellow employees, church groups, chat groups, etc., etc.
As of 9:33 PM on the first day of the comment period there were a total of only ELEVEN comments. When I added my comments there were still a woefully small number, but thanks tpf plus getting the word around, today i just saw 2093 comments and they are coming at the rate of every 5 minutes! You can check back on the Regulatory Town Hall using the comment link to watch as the comments pour in.

Cary Nunnally
804 577 0504

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.Bertrand de Juvenal

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