Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urgent: Vote on marriage tomorrow


Robert --

At the special session tomorrow, the House of Delegates will decide on a new resolution, HR 566, introduced by Delegate Mark Cole (R-88, Fredericksburg). This is similar to HR541 which I emailed you about last week except strengthened.  It requires the Speaker of the House to hire attorneys to defend our state marriage laws – and perhaps other laws such as restrictions on Medicaid expansion, abortion center health and safety standards, and more.

Please contact your Delegate today and urge them to support HR 566!

In the absence of an Attorney General willing to do his constitutionally required job, it’s great to see a House of Delegates that’s willing to take a stand!  Our hope is that the House adopts the resolution and stands alongside our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom who are currently defending our marriage amendment.  

It is shameful that we cannot trust our Attorney General to do his job, but he has proven to be the most partisan, activist AG in Virginia history already!

He has violated his oath and taken a position against our state Constitution, an unprecedented action, and thus far gotten away with it.

The House of Delegates can send a strong message that he is not above the law by adopting HR 566!

Please contact your Delegate today and urge them to support HR 566!

Victoria Cobb

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