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I totally agree.  At the Redistricting Hearings I have gone to (both House and Senate) people from every part of the political spectrum had the same message--protecting incumbents and staving off potential challengers were not appropriate considerations in the redistricting process.  I suggest we all find out from our Congressmen whether they in fact are involved in this.  They should be spending every possible minute digging into the national budget trying to find every stray dollar and every Constitutionally dubious program and putting them on the cutting table, not trying to draw lines around "friendly" voters.
Les Gabriel 

Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 16:07:42 -0400

Hello Governor, Attorney General, State Senators, and Delegates,


I just want to state for the record now that, though unfortunately it doesn't surprise me in the least, I think this (see below) is the sort of thing we simply should not tolerate any longer.  I shall encourage my legion grassroots friends (and even those who are not) to keep a very close eye on this process.


Since when is it the business of the state's congressmen to "approve" of how we make up their districts and how they get re-elected? We are NOT here to protect and serve them! They are there to serve and represent us. It is time for distorted district lines drawn by cronyism and strict party considerations to end, and focus on contiguous geographic areas where the people of a region have common interests…not common skin color. These foxes have no business guarding our hen houses, and it must stop. To have to argue that the congressional  delegation should not be participating whatsoever in how they get re-elected is to belabor the ethically obvious.


Members of the General Assembly should ONLY be "consulting" with their constituents and each other in this matter, and not the Congressmen. The ethical offensiveness of this should be blatantly self-evident to all who possess any discernable sense of propriety. General Assembly members are to represent us, and NOT the personal nor political interests of the congressional delegation.


I urge you all to proceed on this re-districting out in the open where we can all see every bit of what's going on.


With respect,


Mike Prunty


Yorktown, Virginia


Report: Congressmen Cut Redistricting Deal


As the Governor's Redistricting Commission was gathering ideas from citizens in Roanoke, reported Monday that the state's 11-member congressional delegation has agreed to a plan designed to protect their seats.


The General Assembly must approve the district boundaries, but in the past has deferred to the state's delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives. reported that all 11 congressmen agreed to the plan.


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